Is Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant? Fans Think a Friend Dropped an Accidental Hint That She’s Expecting

Is the Duggar clan growing by yet another baby? After Sister Jill Duggar announced her rainbow pregnancy earlier this year,

Is Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant? Fans Think a Friend Dropped an Accidental Hint

Is the Duggar clan growing by yet another baby? After Sister Jill Duggar announced her rainbow pregnancy earlier this year, fans were quick to point to Joy-Anna Duggar as the next in line for another baby. Pregnancy rumors have circulated heavily, since the birth of their youngest, about Joy-Anna and the impending baby #3, but now fans have new fuel for the fire of their guesses. Pictures posted recently by a friend of Joy-Anna may be the most compelling evidence yet that the Duggar clan is growing again – and here's why.

From a Certain Point of View… Fans May Have a Point

When stars go out with friends, there's a few poses that almost always get recycled for "us"ies. Usually there's the at-arm-lengths selfie that shows the pair from the waist up – after all, stars have to show off their fashion – and then there's the "third party snap" where they pose together and someone else takes a picture from a distance.

New pics of Joy-Anna and a good friend show these old standby poses – but with a twist that has fans thinking she's hiding something.

The Sun reports, "The Counting On alum's friend Carlin Bates fueled speculation after sharing numerous photos from their girls weekend together.

The snaps, originally posted to Carlin's Instagram Story, circulated onto Reddit where fans questioned the intent behind the photo angles.

One photo showed a close-up of the pair huddled close as they smiled for the camera.

Joy-Anna was dressed casually in a gray tee-shirt, no makeup, and her hair pulled back into a loose bun.

Her friend opted for a white top, her long brunette hair tied in a low braid, and a full face of makeup for the occasion.

The photo seemed to capture the end of the visit as she captioned the post: 'So glad I got to spend the weekend with yooou!'

In a second pic, Carlin snapped the mom-of-two from behind as she departed carrying multiple bags of luggage and pushing her youngest child Evelyn, one, in a stroller.

She commended her friend's multi-tasking in her caption, which read: 'She is super mom.'"

Both images seem carefully cut to hide Duggar's stomach. In the picture of the pair of them up close, it's just slightly closer than you would normally take an usie – and cuts off just below the ribs. In the farther picture, Duggar is awkwardly turned away from the camera as she juggles baby gear. Now – juggling baby gear is a challenge in and of itself, but Duggar carefully keeps her hips turned away from the camera. Coincidence, or clever?

Carlin is well-known for her posting extravaganzas and it's odd that she only shared two such carefully posed pictures – leading fans to speculate wildly that a previously spotted potential baby bump may be growing and baby Joy-Anna #3 already in the oven.

Pregnancy Rumors are Nothing New for Joy-Anna

Of course, pregnancy rumors are nothing new to Joy-Anna. The Duggar family in general – toss a pie and you'll probably hit a pregnant Duggar (although don't do that). So at any given time, a guess about one of the Duggars being pregnant is likely to be right.

But the stars themselves often throw fuel on the fire by following a familiar pattern of disappearing for a short amount of time early in pregnancy before announcing in public. Joy-Anna took a break earlier this year – and fans are holding their breath waiting.

Sister Jill recently followed the familiar pattern as well before announcing her latest pregnancy. Jill suffered from a miscarriage late last year and took a break from social media – ostensibly, healing from the miscarriage and dealing with brother Josh Duggar's conviction was enough of a reason to need some peace – before returning to announce that she was expecting again.

So is Joy-Anna pregnant? If the pattern follows, we'll know soon – but fans are pretty convinced that an announcement is already on the way.