Joy Corrigan Reveals Dark Side of Modeling in New FACTZ Podcast

In the first episode of a new podcast series for the FACTZ app, host Nik Richie sits down with supermodel

In the first episode of a new podcast series for the FACTZ app, host Nik Richie sits down with supermodel Joy Corrigan to talk about perceptions of beauty in today’s world.

Corrigan launched her modeling career at 14 when an agent asked her to model on the runway. She went on to sign with the Marilyn Agency in New York City, performing in campaigns for Guess, Urban Decay, and Frankies Bikinis and modeled for various designers, including Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood through Marilyn.

In her impressive career, Corrigan has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Jimmy Choo and starred on magazine covers including the Hunger Magazine, Maxim (magazine), Lucy Talk, Talk, Now Magazine, Resident (magazine), GQ, Playboy, Ocean Drive (magazine), Galore, Marie Claire, and Genlux. Corrigan was also named Playboy Playmate of the Month for February 2017, and was featured in Sports Illustrated in 2018.

When sitting down for the FACTZ podcast Episode One, Richie explains that since he’s now living the bachelor life, he’s considering his perceptions on beauty – and asks Corrigan whether the concept of “inner beauty” is a real thing, or if people all have to look perfect on the outside to have value in society.

Corrigan responds that inner beauty really is an important thing, and that even in the modeling world clients now want more than just a pretty face.

She goes on to add that there are more sizes and shapes modeling than ever before, and calls it a good thing. Corrigan recalls how her agents once used to measure her body every three months or so to make sure your size was “consistently what your calling card says.” She said the whole concept of not being able to gain weight was stressful.

Corrigan explains, “It really f–ked me up for years. I was obsessing over staying a certain body type.” The model recounts, “it wasn’t healthy,” and she was either eating too little or working out too much – sometimes body. She adds, “I was going to die if I continued doing that way. Die internally, or maybe physically, so I had to make a decision what’s important to me. My sanity, my life. So I changed the way I approached it.”

Corrigan said that she decided to choose herself and put her mental health first.

They go on to discuss other dark moments in modeling, with Corrigan saying that she experienced a lot of mean people throughout her life.

The podcast explores a variety of model-centric topics including the cutthroat world of competing for jobs, relationships, people’s perceptions and sexualization of models, gold-diggers and the concept of falling in love with yourself.