Max Lord: The Sound Behind Juice Wrld’s Grammy Award Winning Album

The late generational talent’s posthumous long player will continue to inspire the sound of generations. 808Mafia’s Max Lord is the

Max Lord

The late generational talent’s posthumous long player will continue to inspire the sound of generations. 808Mafia’s Max Lord is the Grammy award winning engineer behind ‘Legends Never Die’.

After the tragic death of the artist in, his loyal team around Nick Mira and Max Lord made sure to do his legacy justice. Mixing an album of what appear to be thousands of pre-recorded songs of Juice Wrld was surely a challenge. One, that turned into his second number one record and a multi platinum, gold and Grammy awarded body of work.

Max Lord mixed and mastered Juice Wrld’s tracks for majority of his spotlighted career. Besides the work with the late artist, he has been involved on multiple platinum projects with plenty of other artists. The sound of the engineer, who describes himself as an absolute music nerd, is heard all over the charts, especially top hip-hop acts appreciate the quality of his modern sounds engineering.

The Current Sound Of Music

From Future, Lil Baby, Young Thug & Cardi B to Migos, Playboi Carti and Travis Scott – Max Lord has mixed them all. Lex Luger & Southside’s super-producer collective 808Mafia has been heavily involved in a majority of charting hip hop music in the last 5-10 years particularly, shaping the sound of trap music and ultimately changing the sound of hiphop and pop.

In an interview with Producergrind in September last year, Max Lord revealed some interesting facts behind his work and the industry. Describing his come-up as an engineer as a fight against being pushed over by artists and labels, always having to run after being paid for his work until he established himself as a household name in the industry. The mastermind, who describes himself as a music nerd, made clear “I’m not in this for the money, I didn’t get into this for the money, but a lot of people did”.

He also added “producing is a way out of struggle for a lot of people […] and a lot of those people are really talented when it comes to making music, but my intention and drive just doesn’t come from that same place. I just think making music is f****** cool.”

What A Way To Walk!

Juice Wrld Max Lord

At the beginning of his career, the standout engineer recorded and mixed demos for top pop artists while assisting some of the industry’s leading pop producers. At the time, he was barely into the current hip-hop industry and rather randomly met Fredo Santana & DY through private connections. He saw a lot of potential to improve their sound and convinced them about his skills immediately, working in their next projects and getting in touch with Chief Keef and Southside.

Seeing the level of Southside and being given the trust and patience to work close with him taught him a lot about producing hip hop at a top quality and speed.

He also talked about the effects of losing close friends both in Fredo and Juice Wrld, both friends that he worked with on an almost exclusive level. Especially the loss of superstar Juice Wrld, his main collaboration in the past years, has left a big hole. For the last years throughout the unique movement formed with the artists success and style, he found great joy in “contributing to the culture of the earth.” He explained about his sessions with artists after the tragic accident last year “I love making music but I don’t feel like I am breaking barriers when I am working now. I am just sitting here working. It felt like work.”

Max Lord Juice Wrld

Spending full focus and time mixing and taking care of the posthumous release of his main artist took a lot of time in the past year too.

A year on and it’s interesting what projects are next for the engineer, who says he has been working on a professional level for only two years leading up to his Grammy award. With his associations with the very top tier of hip-hop artists as well as his 808 family & label FlyAVTR, the demand and possibilities are high