JUST IN: Chris Brown Lashes out at Kiely Williams, Warning ‘Stay Out My Way or Get Ran Over’

Chris Brown is sick and tired of people coming for him over what he says was a “mistake” he made

Chris Brown Kiely Williams

Chris Brown is sick and tired of people coming for him over what he says was a “mistake” he made at 17.

Cheetah Girls/3LW singer Kiely Williams recently called Brown out for what she calls “exploiting” the hard work of Black women despite having a history of domestic abuse.

And Brown lost his cool, lashing out at her on Instagram and telling people to leave the past behind him – and work on their hypocrisy.


Chris Brown Guns Hard at Kiely Williams

Chris Brown Kiely Williams

Chris Brown is furious at the public for holding onto his past with domestic violence, and wants everyone to just let it go. Brown recently collaborated with Chloe Bailey for a new track that fell flat, and people have big feelings about it – but most of all, Chris Brown.

A post from Williams set him off in a big way, and he lashed out on Instagram.

Williams shared a post from Bailey about the collab and captioned it on Twitter, “Let him come out with his own record—so genius, so captivating that it makes us all forget HE BEATS WOMEN. He can’t so he wont. So what does he do?

He slowly creeps back into the mainstream by getting small nods for features on Black Women’s merit. Black women who are more talented, more worthy, but give him the okay.

I am swatting the f–king air rn. Garbage. 🤮🤮🤮.”

TMZ reports, “Following Chloe’s ill-fated preview of ‘How Does It Feel,’ Kiely went on a tirade over the collab like several fans — accusing Chris of exploiting female Black artists’ talent to mask his past domestic violence case with Rihanna.

Breezy’s currently overseas on tour, but took time to respond to Kiely’s disses and did so with a mix of pity and humor … to him anyway.

Chris Brown Kiely Williams

He deemed Kiely to be broken — either mentally, financially, or both — for the unprovoked attacks, and then took the low road by taking aim at her lisp. He joked how she sang ‘promithis, promithis’ on her hit song ‘No More (Baby I’Ma Do Right),’ and again through a meme captioned ‘thop it!!!'”

Bailey wasn’t Brown’s only target though, as Brown came for anyone who still brings up his DV charges, telling them to “suck my d–k disrespectfully.”

Williams seemed to find the whole thing hilarious, sharing screenshots of his rant with the cry-laughing emoji as caption.

Brown then posted “I got time today” and started sharing screenshot after screenshot of white actors accused of domestic violence, whose careers aren’t dogged by the past like his is.

The ball is back in Williams’ court now.