Crocs- Yes, They are Still Happening and Justin Bieber is Into It

Remember that shoe brand that you could never get out of your head and just never seemed to go away?

Justin Bieber Drew House

Remember that shoe brand that you could never get out of your head and just never seemed to go away? You didn’t understand the look much, and had never seen footwear like it. I’ll give you a hint, it kind of gives off a mom hanging out in a garden sort of vibe, at some point from 2002 to 2020 I’m sure your mom has gardened in this footwear brand before. The brand is Crocs and they are supposed to be comfortable as hell. They knew they were different when they launched; but oh man are they cool now and Justin Bieber isn’t the only one to thank for that.

Who is the Brand, Crocs?

Crocs launched in 2002 and were well aware they were different and made some people a little uncomfortable. their shoes were interesting shapes, colors and had holes on the top (the Classic Clog style) It was confusing at first. Crocs explains, “Now, hundreds of millions of shoes later, we make the world comfortable.” Crocs goes on to say, that they are “in tireless pursuit of new comfort technologies.” They are most known for their Clog style shoe. This Clog is affordable (at the selling price of $39.99- $54.99), easy to put on and currently super on trend. Crocs most recent collabs include: nicolemclaughlin, LukeCombsXCrocs and of course JBXCrocs and Drewhouse.

Justin Bieber and Crocs (JBXCrocs)

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Justin Bieber introduced his collab with Crocs by posing the question “is it real or is it cake” and comparing it to a piece of cake shaped, in fact like a Croc Clog. He comes to the conclusion that it is real and he’s “been wearing Crocs since the beginning of time.”

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His Collab launched on October 13, 2020 and was sold-out soon after. The yellow Classic Clogs were super cool with various pins on top of the Clog. They sold for $59.99 per pair and could be purchased at and

Highsnobiety writes, “The artist first shared an image of a pair of Clogs floating in a pool and captioned it “soon.” Crocs’ official account responded with a green heart emoji, further fueling the speculation.

Within three hours, the Instagram post had been liked more than 670,000 times. And the single teaser was enough to send Crocs’ share soaring by more than 11 percent and trading spiked to a peak of $47.81, Business Insider reports.”

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Highsnobiety  continued to quote Bieber saying, “As an artist, it’s important that my creations stay true to myself and my style. I wear Crocs all the time, so designing my own pair came naturally.”

Why are Crocs cool?

Not only do Crocs remain timely with their constant collabs of artists and influencers, their incomparable comfort, but they have recently been integrated into street style fashion trends. Pictured below is Bieber wearing House of Drew. “Drew House is one of the most mysterious fashion brands in the industry. Back in 2018, Bieber quietly trademarked “THE HOUSE OF DREW,” “MAISON DREW,” and simply, “DREW.” The name is an homage to Justin Bieber’s middle name which is — you guessed it — Drew.”

The Biebers and Fashion

If you didn’t know this already, Bieber is dominating the street style fashion world, along with his wife, Hailey Bieber. This couple is inseparable, irresistible and their street style keeps getting better and better.

The couple just made the cover of Vogue Italia this month and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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From music to fashion to now footwear, it’s hard to believe that the world watched Bieber grow from a young kid to a now $285 million dollar celebrity, who is a happily married man. I’m sure they both have a lot more up their sleeves, we’re ready for you Biebers.