Is Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Holy’ About Hailey Baldwin? We Broke Down The Lyrics For You

It’s here, you guys! Yep, after months of waiting, Justin Bieber‘s highly-anticipated new song, “Holy,” has finally dropped, and we

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

It’s here, you guys! Yep, after months of waiting, Justin Bieber‘s highly-anticipated new song, “Holy,” has finally dropped, and we cannot stop listening to it. But wait, who exactly is the new track about, you ask? Was it inspired by his relationship with Hailey Baldwin? Not to worry, people, because we broke down the lyrics from start to finish for you. Here’s what you need to know…

Is ‘Holy’ About Hailey Baldwin?

The song (which features Chance the Rapper) is definitely a love song, and there are actually quite a few clues throughout the lyrics that hint it was indeed inspired by the singer’s wife. First off, he talks about “running to the alter” in the chorus, and as fans know, he and Baldwin tied the knot in September 2018, after only a few months of dating.

“That the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me / Feels so holy, holy, holy, holy, holy / On God / Runnin’ to the altar like a track star / Can’t wait another second / ‘Cause the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me feels so holy,” the lyrics read.

The Song Is Also About Justin’s Faith

Throughout the new tune, the pop star and the rapper also sing about their love of God. It’s no secret that Bieber’s faith is very important to him, and he’s been pretty vocal about it in interviews and on social media.

“The first step pleases the Father / Might be the hardest to take / But when you come out of the water / I’m a believer,” the song continues. “I know I ain’t leaving you like I know He ain’t leaving us / I know we believe in God and I know God believes in us.”

Back on September 6, 2020, the 26-year-old opened up on Instagram about how his religion helped make him a better person.

“As I became a teenager, I let my insecurities and frustrations dictate what I put my value in. My values slowly started to change. I let ego and power takeover, and my relationships suffered because of it. I truly desire healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them! I want to walk in the plans God has for me and not try to do it on my own,” he wrote. “I want to give up my selfish desires daily so I can be a good husband and future dad! I’m grateful I can walk with Jesus as he leads the way.”

Here’s A Quick Recap Of Bieber And Baldwin’s Relationship

For those who forgot, the two stars first met all the way back in October 2009, after being introduced by the model’s father, Stephen Baldwin. They were friends for years, until late 2015 when they briefly entered into a relationship. But they split a few months later (in August 2016), and Baldwin later opened up to Vogue about the breakup. She explained, “Negative things happened that we still need to talk about and work through. ‘Fizzled’ would not be the right word — it was more like a very dramatic excommunication. There was a period where if I walked into a room, he would walk out.”

A few years later, they reunited at a church conference, and right away, they started dating.

“The common denominator, I promise you, is always church. By then we were past the drama. I just gave him a hug. By the end of the conference, he was like, ‘We’re not going to be friends.’ I was like, ‘We’re not?’ the 23-year-old recalled to the outlet. Bieber added, “When I saw her, I just forgot how much I loved her and how much I missed her and how much of a positive impact she made on my life. I was like, Holy cow, this is what I’ve been looking for.”

They announced that they were engaged in July 2018, got married two months later, and since then, they’ve been as happy as could be together.

Are Any Of His Other Songs About Hailey?

Bieber dropped his album Changes earlier this year, and it turns out, a lot of songs on it are believed to be inspired by Baldwin! “All Around Me,” “Habitual,” “Come Around Me” and “Intentions” are just a few of the tracks that are rumored to be about their relationship.

“Shout-out to your mom and dad for makin’ you / Standin’ ovation, they did a great job raisin’ you / When I create, you’re my muse,” the star sings in “Intentions.” “Can’t nobody throw shade on your name in these streets / Triple threat, you a boss, you a bae, you a beast.”

In “Come Around Me,” he gushes, “Diggin’ the way you feel on my skin / Got influence on me, can’t comprehend / Oh no, next thing, you’re on top of me / OK with this, I call that a win-win.”

Who Else Has Bieber Dated?

Most famously, the “Love Yourself” artist previously dated Selena Gomez for almost eight years. They first got together in 2010, and were on and off all the way up until he entered into his relationship with Baldwin in 2018. The relationship was pretty messy, and over the years they constantly broke up and got back together. Since they split, they’ve both shaded each other numerous times, with Gomez even accusing her ex of “emotionally abusing her” in an interview

He was also linked to Barbara Palvin, Miranda Kerr, Rita Ora, Adriana Lima, Shanina Shaik, Chantel Jeffries, Kendall Jenner, Nicola Peltz, Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie, Baskin Champion, Sahara Ray and more over the years.