Justin Bieber Posts His Love For Hailey Amid Social Media Drama

Previously and currently, Justin Beiber fans, Hailey Bieber fans, and Selena Gomez fans are at war on the internet over

Justin Bieber

Previously and currently, Justin Beiber fans, Hailey Bieber fans, and Selena Gomez fans are at war on the internet over who Justin truly loves and wants to be with (because the rock on Hailey’s left finger isn’t enough to trust…).

Despite the strides Hailey and Selena appeared to be making after Hailey’s Call Her Daddy podcast interview, not much has changed.

The most recent drama between the so-called love triangle involves eye-brows, Tiktoks, and shade of Gomez’s BFF, Taylor Swift.

Throwing Shade

It all started when Gomez posted videos of herself on Instagram and Tiktok sharing “I laminated my brows too much.” Shortly after, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself with a focus on her brows captioning, “this was an accident???” And, to make it more sketchy, she also shared a photo of her best friend Hailey’s brows.

Naturally, this put the internet into a frenzy and had fans of the model and singer going after each other online.

More drama occurred when a clip of the Rhode founder resurfaced from her time on Drop the Mic. Hailey is seen making an ick face over Swift’s music and Gomez commented on the Tiktok video, “So sorry, my friend is and continues to be one of the best in the game.”

When We Thought It Was Over

It’s probably safe to say that we were teased last year when we saw the viral photos of Gomez and Hailey looking peachy together at an event.

Hailey and Gomez were photographed together at a gala (multiple times) looking happy and healed. The pictures took over the internet squashing any assumptions of there being bad blood between them. The photographer of this historic moment, Tyrell Hampton, captioned the photo on Instagram, “plot twist.”

But, with all the romance controversy that has stirred up over the past couple of weeks, it seems as though those photos are no longer valid.

Justin Bieber Steps In

Justin, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday has stepped in to squash the drama over who he truly loves.

Yesterday, he took to Instagram to post photos of himself and his wife laying comfortably on a yacht, him smiling big in the first photo. He captioned the post “LUV U BABY.”

Although the photos are cute as heck, Instagram users still couldn’t bite their tongue as they left comments joking that Hailey took his phone and posted.

Ultimately, it doesn’t seem to matter what Justin Bieber does or doesn’t do. The Jelena obsessed continue to fight for what used to be.