Kail Lowry Hints at Return to Reality TV

Fans of Kailyn Lowry, rejoice: your favorite may return to reality TV. Former Teen Mom 2 star Lowry and Vee

Kail Lowry return reality TV

Fans of Kailyn Lowry, rejoice: your favorite may return to reality TV.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Lowry and Vee Torres have expressed their desire to return to reality TV together.

Torres is the wife of Jo Rivera, Lowry’s first ex and father to her oldest child. But the pals, who co-host the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, won’t be returning to reality through the Teen Mom franchise.

Torres initially said that she was pretty sure she was done with reality TV – but maybe not. In an interview with The Sun, Torres said, “I think I’m done with reality TV for now. Unless it was for the podcast, then I’d be down.”

She then added that she and Lowry have “definitely” discussed the idea of returning to TV together.

“If we could, like, do more of what we wanted to do, I think that’s something that we would like, if we could have a little more control,” Torres explained, “I would love for it to focus more on us as moms who are just entrepreneurs and things that we do with our kids.”

The Sun reports, “[Vee explained,] ‘Definitely more, like, family-oriented and not so much drama.

‘Just like the fun, good things that we do and what we contribute to, you know, our podcast and our families and things like that.’

The Baddies on the Go founder mentioned that they are open-minded and would explore options of broadcasting it, such as on YouTube or something like Snapchat.

Ideally, Vee said, the show would be family-oriented, fun and light on the drama. She also discussed the possibility of filming a series for YouTube or Snapchat.

Vee said it would be a ‘dream’ for her and Kail to launch their own show and they hope ‘it could come to fruition one day.’

In addition to the podcast she co-hosts with Vee, Kail hosts the Barely Famous podcast and co-hosts Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley. She is also the creator of the KILLR Podcast Network, which she launched in September 2021 to help other people start podcasts of their own.”

Torres and Lowry recently walked the red carpet together for the 27th Annual Webby Awards on May 15th.

Their podcast won “Best Lifestyle Podcast,” a remarkable moment for the pair who has forged their own path in the wake of their stunning reality tv careers.

For the ceremony, Lowry brought along her oldest three children: Isaac (13), Lincoln (9), and Lux (5). The youngest son, Creed (2), stayed at home.

But rumors have been hounding the podcast host that she gave birth in secret to a fifth child in November, with her fourth baby daddy Elijah Scott. But although news broke that the child was born – and there has been ample proof of the baby’s existence in recent videos – Lowry has yet to confirm anything in public.

It’s a bizarre about-face for the star who has had every facet of her life in the public eye since she was a teenager.

However, it must be a relief.

And the world could soon meet the mystery baby if Torres and Lowry return to reality TV.