Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out on Coparenting Woes with Chris Lopez for Episode She Skipped Filming On

The drama this week on Teen Mom 2 has been all off-camera. It started when the feud between Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry

The drama this week on Teen Mom 2 has been all off-camera. It started when the feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus ignited once again over some leaked texts, and has escalated after Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez made some remarks on the latest episode. Here’s a look at what Lowry had to say in response to Lopez’s remarks, on the episode she opted out of filming on due to ongoing drama with DeJesus. 

Kail Politely Schools People on Coparenting Reality with Chris

Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez

As if things between Lowry and DeJesus weren’t messy enough, recently DeJesus traveled to Delaware to film a podcast with one of Lowry’s exes, Chris Lopez. While she was at it, DeJesus reached out to mutual ex Javi Marroquin and asked to meet up for dinner. Marroquin turned her down, saying his loyalty was to Lowry – and he didn’t want to get mixed up in any drama. That was a prophetic comment from Marroquin because, of course, the drama has exploded since then.

Lowry leaked the text exchange between DeJesus and Marroquin proving that she was hoping to meet up and “keep it secret” on her way to record the podcast with Lopez. The most recent drama could have ended there, if it wasn’t for some remarks from Lopez on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2 that had Lowry on the defensive. 

In the latest episode, Lopez shared that he felt like his time with his children was unfairly limited. Without naming names, he accused “them” of keeping the children arbitrarily away from him depending on how “they” (Lowry) was feeling at the time. Lowry clapped back immediately, setting the record straight. 

TooFab reports, “‘I wanted to address the way my coparenting situation was portrayed this week, as I don’t think it paints the full picture,’ she began, saying it’s common for two people to perceive the same situation very differently.

‘The choices I’ve had to make have been very challenging for me. I’ve always wanted the best for my kids and Chris is no exception to that,’ she continued. ‘But there are extenuating circumstances involving Chris that were not present with [her other kids’ fathers] Javi or Jo. With that being said, just because it wasn’t as easy with Chris doesn’t mean my character and feelings have changed when it comes to my kids’ relationships with their dad.’

‘Time with both parents is so important and it doesn’t only benefit them – but me as well. I want my kids to have a relationship with their dad, but Chris’s capacity to parent these kids is very different than Javi and Jo,’ she added. ‘It has been super challenging for me to navigate the restrictions surrounding his coparenting, and I ultimately didn’t make the decision, the judge did. If things were as easy and simple as he thinks they are, he would have gotten more time.’

As far as him saying he saw the kids more when they were ‘good,’ Lowry explained that even then ‘his motive was never to just spend time with them,’ but because he ‘wanted something from me.’ She added, ‘He has gone days and weeks without checking up prior to court involvement. The boys only have two parents, and when he is falling short, I have to pick up the slack and fill in the gaps emotionally, physically and financially.’”

Lowry also reminded Lopez that “they” is the courts, and that custody is out of her hands. 

MTV Comments on Kail’s Absence from Filming

Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez

Of course, Lowry had to defend herself after the episode aired because she bowed out of filming the episode. MTv explained the series of events that led to Lowry’s withdrawing from filming (temporarily?) and it wasn’t what everyone assumed. After the leaked texts and back-and-forth between Lowry and DeJesus, many assumed that it was due to the ongoing tensions with Briana that Lowry withdrew from filming.

However, it was due to the suddenly appearing ex. Lopez is the only of Lowry’s babies’ fathers who has opted not to appear on the show. But that changed when DeJesus brought the camera crew with her to Delaware, and Lowry wasn’t feeling the new Teen Mom star. 

MTv explained what happened and why Lowry was absent; “Over the years, the mom of four’s ex Chris was the only one of her children’s fathers who chose to not be featured on the show (save for a few moments). But now, the young dad is indeed appearing on-camera, with his official debut centering around Briana appearing on his podcast — and the move caused immediate fallout.

‘After the podcast was recorded, Kail learned Chris was participating in the series,’ a message read at the conclusion of tonight’s installment. ‘She informed production that she will no longer be filming.”

Kail was not featured in the episode, so viewers were not able to see her react to the Chris news or discuss her choice. The last scene she appeared in was a candid conversation with producer Brendan.”

It’s understandable that between the ongoing legal battle with DeJesus and now Lopez appearing at the side of her enemy – filming alongside them is probably the last thing Lowry wants to do. The situation is ongoing and rapidly changing, but for now – the lawsuit against DeJesus continues even as she tries to strike it down with “freedom of speech” motions. Lopez and DeJesus seem to be awfully cozy after the latter was seen wearing his shirt upon returning from recording the podcast – and everyone’s wondering when the next shoe will drop.