Kailyn Lowry Spent $200,000 To Lose To Her Nemesis

Briana DeJesus recently celebrated her court room win against Kailyn Lowry. Their ongoing lawsuit finally came to a close when

Kailyn Lowry Spent $200

Briana DeJesus recently celebrated her court room win against Kailyn Lowry. Their ongoing lawsuit finally came to a close when the judge dismissed the Lowry's claim that DeJesus defamed her. Not shortly after, DeJesus made it clear that she was also going to sue Lowry for the money spent on lawyers. And while DeJesus was getting her money back, Lowry was eating the costs which she recently exposed to be very high.

All The Drama’s For The Mamas

The Teen Mom co-stars have drama dating back to 2017 when DeJesus joined the cast. The legal battle began when Lowry filed a complaint against DeJesus after comments were made toward the mother four with "the purpose of causing Lowry harm." The court papers continued, "Defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself."

The case became an ongoing battle of 'she said, she said' with Lowry requesting $30,000, reasonable costs and attorneys' fees, and a jury trial. Lowry claimed that DeJesus' statements "threatened" her "ability to earn a living" and that she suffered "personal humiliation and mental anguish."

DeJesus responded with real data and a statement which claimed she did not defame Lowry with "false" storied because she was arrested for exactly what DeJesus spoke out about.

DeJesus attorney wrote about Lowry, "She verifiably was arrested for this, and her arrest garnered media attention." And, this takes us to DeJesus' win. The judge agreed, stating, "The damage to Lowry's reputation, if any, had already occurred when the incident was publicized by news media."

Lowry's arrest happened in September of 2020 for allegedly "punching" her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, "many times with a closed hand" over their son's haircut.

Briana Wins And Fights For Her Money Back Too

The Judge found Kailyn's claims to be unfounded. Referring to DeJesus' online comments the court official said, "The written post cannot be considered defamatory because, as a matter of law, it contained protected speech regarding opinion or was factually accurate." The judges added, "It was widely publicized that Lowry had been arrested for domestic violence and Soto's comments on the issue were substantially true."

Ultimately, for Lowry, the case came down to a lack of evidence for her complaints. The judge wrote in his official statement, "Lowry's claim that soto's source of the information that Lowry broke into the house (Mr. Lopez) was unreliable does little to establish that Soto knew, with a high degree of awareness, the claim was false." He continued to explain, "Even if the isolated statement regarding 'breaking and entering' can be considered defamatory, there is insufficient evidence to establish that Soto knew the statement was false at the time it was made." Lastly, the judge stated, "As a matter of law, Lowry has not met her burden regarding the issue of malice."

In a short statement to Celebuzz DeJesus said, "I won." And, although this is the outcome she hoped for, DeJesus isn't entirely satisfied. The Orlando native plans to sue Lowry for all of the legal fees that she obtained which total up to $120,096.87, according to Celebuzz. Can she do this?

Marc Randazza, the lawyer of the reality star, told The Sun, "The anti-slapp law gives us the right to see attorneys' fees, and we intend to get Ms. Soto every penny to which she is entitled."

Lowry Reveals What She Spent On The Lawsuit

Lowry was a guest on Bachelor star Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files. They were discussing recent pop culture events which led into discussing the current defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This allowed Lowry the opportunity to open up about her own lawsuit with DeJesus that recently came to a close.

When referring to her on-going court visits with DeJesus she stated, "I just got out of a defamation lawsuit." She continued, "I lost- well, it was dismissed. I didn't lose. It was dismissed." And then, she said something even more shocking. She told Viall how much she spent on fighting her nemesis.

Continuing on about her lawsuit Lowry said, "It was a waste of $200,000. But you live and you learn." She went on to defend her loss by telling Viall she believes that having to file the lawsuit in Florida had a lot to do with it being dismissed.

"I personally think that, the state of Florida- I had to sue her in the state of Florida [where she lives]- and they just look at things very differently. But the judge didn't think that I proved [Briana acted in] malice [and that] she purposely spread rumors and lies," stated Lowry. She continued, "[My case] didn't end up going to the jury trial, because [Briana's lawyers] filed and anti-SLAPP motion, which is essentially [her] saying she didn't defame me; I'm trying to silence her freedom of speech. Not all states recognize them in the same way or have that."

Lowry admitted to sewing others for defamation in the past to which her lawyers always told her no. This time however, with DeJesus, her lawyers didn't turn her away which is what made her confident in winning the case. However, despite the loss and all of the money lost, Lowry shared that she's still glad she sued DeJesus.

Lowry stated, "That was the takeaway from mine. It was the principle. I'm standing up for myself, so I care less about the dollar. I care less about the amount. I'm going to stand up for what's not true. You're not gonna spread this about me."