Kailyn Lowry’s $750k Mansion Comes With A Basketball Outside Of Her Spacious Yard

Typically in the media for her relationship and reality television drama, Kailyn Lowry has shifted the attention to something else.

Kailyn Lowry's $750k Mansion Comes With A Basketball Outside Of Her Spacious Yard

Typically in the media for her relationship and reality television drama, Kailyn Lowry has shifted the attention to something else. The former Teen Mom star showed off her huge backyard and the basketball court to go with it in a series of Instagram stories.

Showing Some Skill On The Court

Credit: The Sun

In her Instagram stories, Lowry featured her son, Lincoln, dribbling on the court, switching hands and landing a perfect three-pointer.

She captioned the post, "Handles," which is a reference to an NBA player's ball-handling and dribbling skills.

Credit: The Sun

Lowry moved into her dream home at the end of January 2022. And, although she's expressed loving her house, she also revealed that she didn't love the process of it becoming.

In an old podcast episode of Baby Mamas No Drama she shared, "I thought I was really gonna love like the house stuff, so I was kind of living like vicariously through you guys like doing real estate and like flipping and stuff. I hate it. I love HGTV and I love watching people do it online and stuff so I thought because of that interest that I was gonna like doing it myself but I hate it."

However, it seems like all of the stress paid off because her home is beautiful and spacious for her plus four kids AND her new man, Elijah Scott. And, if the two are really considering having a child together well then, she's going to need all the space she can get.

Expecting Again?

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Kailyn has been toying with fans, talking about getting her tubes tied while also considering giving a baby to Scott. In the mean time, fans have accused her of being addicted to pregnancy.

Previously, a social media user theorized that Lowry is "addicted" to pregnancy writing, "I know everyone is betting on how long before Kail is pregnant again but I wonder if this is some kind of addiction for her. I was listening to the Baby Mommas podcast today and its painfully obvious that she's obsessed (she uses this word entirely too much) with pregnancy."

They continued, "I've noticed it recently in other episodes also but today was pretty bad. She just kept bringing up the issue. They would change the subject and she'd somehow bring it up again."

"She's mentioned the fact that Elijah has twins in his family several times between today's episode and last week's. The whole snake/fertility thing. Already discussing them having kids together and they've only been dating for 3 mos!"

concluding with, "Just so many things regarding pregnancy it's like she's got some dependency on pregnancy."

Agreeing with this theory, another user chimed in, "She’s filling a void. She never had her own family she was close to, was treated like a burden by her mom, and abandoned by her dad. 1 kid keeps you really busy so imagine 4, it probably makes it easier for her to avoid her own problems."

Continuing on to say, "If she didn’t have the nanny and dads to get breaks I don’t think she could deal with it, it’s so fucking hard to be a single mom with no help. I really hope she does some soul searching before she reproduces again."

A third fan added, "She probably got the most attention of her life when she was pregnant with Isaac. Maybe she thinks that continuing to get pregnant will continue to keep her relevant."

And a fourth wrote, "It's also what made her famous and kept her employed but I think it is much more about control of the men and keeping them in her life."

It’s Either Two Babies Or No Babies


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During a recording for their podcast, Lowry and Vee Rivera got into the topic of multiples after Rivera brought up a comment, from the former Teen Mom star, about Scott's mom being a twin.

Rivera asked Lowry, "Do you get scared that twins run in his family?" To which she responded, "Kids run in my family too."

Lowry continued on to share her thoughts about adding not one, but two more kids to her family.

"Like, I've played a million times, like having twins for the first time, you don't know any different. But if you – I already have four kids, so if I was to get pregnant with twins and have them and four children, I would be sending Elijah back to his own home on the acreage, taking one of the kids with him," she joked.

However, the reality TV star has also talked about getting her tubes tied.

While answering questions from fans during an episode of her Barely Famous podcast, Lowry got onto the topic of babies. Are we surprised?

Someone asked if she wants more children in the future to which she responded, "I don't know, but I want to get my tubes tied. I guess whatever happens first."

"I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually," she elaborated.

Lowry continued: "I think the more time that goes on, the more I just don't want more children because I feel like I'm spreading myself so thin, and all my kids are such different ages that they all need me for different parts of their lives right now. I just don't know. I'll update you in the next couple of weeks. I have an appointment coming up with my GYN, and I'll see if he will tie my tubes; I don't know."

And, in the meantime, Lowry has a big beautiful home and four other kids to enjoy in that space.