Kanye Says, ‘I Like Hitler,’ and ‘[Nazis] Did Good Things’ to Shocked Alex Jones

“I like Hitler:” Kanye West just dove even more deeply into the blatant and violent world of antisemitism on a

Kanye West

“I like Hitler:” Kanye West just dove even more deeply into the blatant and violent world of antisemitism on a new episode of Alex Jones’ Infowars.

The controversial rapper who has been dropped from almost every product deal in recent weeks over antisemitic comments was chatting with the controversial host over being demonized for his statements.

Jones tried to offer West (who goes now by Ye) an out by separating him from Adolf Hitler, but Ye didn’t take the out.

Instead, he professed admiration for the murderous dictator who violently ended the lives of over 6 million Jewish people in the 1930’s and ’40’s.


Kanye West Says ‘I Like Hitler’, Stunning Even Shock Host Alex Jones

West has been feeling the burn of public censure in recent weeks.

It all started when he suggested that music artist/producer Sean “Diddy” Combs was controlled by Jewish people. It’s an oft-repeated conspiracy theory that “others” Jewish people and is often professed alongside antisemitic rhetoric that suggests that Jewish people control “too much” of the world.

Ye was temporarily suspended from Instagram, so he took his beef to Twitter. There, he said it was time to go “death con 3” on Jewish people.

Since then, West has again repeated more antisemitic statements despite being called to apologize, and was dropped by nearly every major brand partner including Adidas and Balenciaga.

Alex Jones (who recently had to pay millions in damages to families of Sandy Hook shooting victims for false and defamatory statements wherein he suggested the shooting was a hoax or false flag) hosted Ye on Infowars to give him a chance to tell his side of the story.

He was trying to give Ye a chance to distance himself from his growing reputation as a violent antisemite, offering an out by letting him agree to what Jones assumed would be a no-brainer: that he doesn’t like Hitler.

Of course Ye didn’t want to play by the script and what he said had jaws dropping everywhere, even Jones’.

The Daily Beast reports, “Ye, whose face was entirely hidden behind a black mask, began praising the genocidal German dictator soon after the broadcast began. Ye began to commend Hitler after InfoWars host Alex Jones tried to defend the rapper’s recent streak of antisemitic statements.

‘You’re not Hitler,’ Jones said. ‘You’re not a Nazi.’

‘Well, I see good things about Hitler,’ Ye said, later adding: ‘Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.’

Jones repeatedly tried to steer Ye away from supporting Hitler. But Ye, who dined at Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump last week, insisted on complimenting the murderous regime behind the Holocaust.

‘They did good things too,’ Ye said. ‘We’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.’”

Even Jones seemed taken aback, adding, “I don’t like Nazis.”

“I like Hitler,” Ye replied.

At one point, Jones questioned whether or not it was really Ye behind the mask.

But the rapper’s statements align with things people who know him have said about him in the past.

Ye has openly praised Hitler in interviews and casual conversations before, but this is the first time he’s done it openly on the record.

Kanye West pro-Hitler Comments Come on the Heels of Controversial Dinner with Donald Trump and Avowed White Supremacist Nick Fuentes

All of this comes as former President Donald Trump is facing massive public backlash for a weekend meeting with Ye.

Ye and Trump had dinner with several other people at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Included in the dinner was one Nick Fuentes, an avowed white supremacist and Holocaust denier.

Since then, the public backlash against Trump has been swift. He has tried to paint Ye as responsible, in the same breath with which he says that Ye never said anything antisemitic during their meeting. Trump claims he didn’t know Fuentes before the meeting and that he was Ye’s guest.

Today, Trump took to Truth Social to explain, “The story in AP, written by the untalented and very unreliable Jill Colvin, who I unfortunately got to know at the White House, is Fake News. We have very strong security, especially with the extremely talented Secret Service Agents on premises, but when I know someone, as I did Ye, we’re not going to have my guests strip searched, thrown against walls, and otherwise physically beaten. The anonymous sources don’t exist. Stories to the contrary are FAKE NEWS!”

But while Trump may be desperately trying to sidestep, he’s also refusing to disavow Fuentes or white supremacy, reportedly afraid that he will alienate too much of his base if he does so.

Republican leaders have spoken out against the meeting, with Senator Mitch McConnell going so far as to say that anyone who embraces antisemitism won’t find themselves elected president – a direct clapback to Trump’s candidacy for 2024.

Meanwhile, Ye continues to act wildly and recklessly in public. The Hitler comments come after news broke that Ye and ex Kim Kardashian have made agreements in their divorce on property and custody arrangements.

Ye will be paying Kardashian $200,000 a month in child support as well as footing half the bill for the kids’ safety and schooling.