Kanye’s ‘Wife’ Bianca Censori Shows off Nearly-Nude Yeezy Fit, but His Sweatshirt is the Big News

Everyone’s buzzing about the fact that Kanye West’s “wife” Bianca Censori posed nearly-nude in a questionable new campaign for Yeezy.

Kanye West Bianca Censori Yeezy nearly nude

Everyone’s buzzing about the fact that Kanye West’s “wife” Bianca Censori posed nearly-nude in a questionable new campaign for Yeezy.

But what we really need to talk about is the outfit that outspoken antisemite and cancelled designer West was spotted wearing when the two were photographed out and about this week.

Because we have serious questions.

Kanye’s ‘Wife’ Models in Nearly-Nude Yeezy Campaign

Most of Kanye buzz this week was about his “wife” Bianca Censori.

The model was photographed for a new Yeezy campaign, and she was, well – basically naked.

In the ad, Censori poses without emotion, showing off her front – which reveals a black tape patch over her breasts, a thin strip of tape over her private parts, and thigh-high Yeezys.

In another image, she’s photographed from behind, holding up a phone which covers her face and is intended to look like she’s taking a selfie in the mirror.

For her back fit, the only thing she’s covered by are the Yeezys and a cross-shaped strip of tape covering her buttcrack.

The outfit immediately drew laughter, applause, and criticism online.

Some fans applauded her self-assurance and confidence. Others laughed at the absurdity of modeling the shoes – which are a little bizarre looking – wearing nothing but the barest amounts of tape.

But perhaps the loudest voices came from those who wondered why she wore a religious symbol over her buttcrack. On Facebook, baffled fans questioned the look, with one writing, “The first time she farts, that cross is a goner.”

However, the bizarre campaign is not the only Kanye fashion news this week.

West and Censori were pictured out and about together enjoying a rare date night at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.

They held hands, Censori looking a little bored as she rocked a fit of workout leggings and a cropped tank top.

But rare public appearance as a couple aside, it was West’s fashion that had people scratching their heads.

The avowed anti-semite was wearing his controversial black leggings, some (let’s face it) ugly new Yeezys, and the kicker – a sweatshirt that looked like it was made out of a trash bag.

It is perhaps appropriate symbology given the direction his career has headed in the past year as West has made blunder after blunder and continues to publicly spew hate and bigotry.

West’s actions have been condemned by human rights organizations around the world, and a number of big brands have refused to work with the “Donda” rapper both now and in the future.

The beginning of the end for West started when his ex Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.

It would seem that – as wild as Kanye was before – Kardashian was a steadying force in his life. Once she was gone, West seemed to go off the rails, spewing anti-semitism and internalized racism both online and in interviews.

At one point, West even said he liked Hitler and praised the Nazis. West’s fall from glory has been stunning, swift, and nearly complete. A trash bag sweatshirt seems completely apropos.