Kanye West Consoles Kim Kardashian Amid Fears of More Ray J Sex Tape Footage Being Leaked

Kim Kardashian became famous originally for one reason: a sex tape released with ex-boyfriend Ray J, without her permission. The

Kanye West Consoles Kim Kardashian Amid Fears of More Ray J Sex Tape Footage Being Leaked

Kim Kardashian became famous originally for one reason: a sex tape released with ex-boyfriend Ray J, without her permission. The Kardashian reality star went from "just one of the family" to the best-known name overnight. But that, of course, was years ago – before Kardashian was a successful entrepreneur, and more importantly – a mom. Now, Kardashian is facing the possibility that there's more video out there of her intimacy with Ray J – and they are threatening to release additional footage.

The first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians dealt with Kim's original sex tape – and it would seem that the premiere of their new show on Hulu, The Kardashians, is dealing with Sex Tape 2: Electric Boogaloo. Kardashian was filmed being consoled by her ex-husband Kanye West after their son came across an advertisement on Roblox for Kim's new sex tape. It must feel like a nightmare repeat for the woman who has tried so hard to move past her past – and now has kids to worry about.

Kardashian Faces The Possibility of Round 2 – With a Little Help from Kanye

Back in 2002, when Kim Kardashian and Ray J were dating, they made a sex tape together. It happens – and should have stayed between just the two of them. However, the video was leaked in February of 2007 – just as Keeping Up with the Kardashians was starting production.

Kardashian sued the company that released it – Vivid Entertainment – but dropped the lawsuit and settled for $5M. However, the cat was already out of the proverbial bag – and Kardashian's face (and other parts) were everywhere. The timing of the lawsuit and the publicity storm that surrounded it helped drive up interest in the premiere of KUWTK, and Kardashian admitted last year that she doesn't think the show would have been as popular without the controversy.

It feels like a full circle moment (coincidence?) that the premiere of the Kardashian's new show on Hulu, The Kardashians, is dealing with Ray J and a sex tape all over again. In the debut episode, Kardashian receives a call warning that there's more footage – and it will be released.

DailyMail reports, "While chatting away with sisters Kourtney and Khloe and mother Kris, Kim received a call from power lawyer Marty Singer informing her that there had been threats there is more footage to come.

He explained: 'Our legal rights are she can sue anyone who releases the tape, if it even exists. They have no legal right to release the tape without her consent.'

Speaking in a confessional, Kim said: 'For 20 years this has been held over my head, of this mistake, or is it a mistake? This was my boyfriend of years. We go on a trip, we film a video. It's embarrassing for that to be out there, but it's not the most scandalous thing and I'm not going to be made to feel this way. I'm just human.'"

A frustrated and apparently rattled Kardashian says, "I'm 99% sure there's no new footage, but the fact these people keep saying they have a tape. What if I was f—ing sleeping and he stuck a dildo up my a–? I don't know."

Sister Khloe tries a joke to lighten the mood, but it's clear that Kardashian is worried even if the legal system is in her favor, and she has the resources to tackle another round of the nightmarish invasion of privacy.

But this time, things are a little different after Kardashian and West's son Saint brought an iPad over to his mom to show something he had found on popular game platform Roblox – a picture of her crying face with the caption, "Kim's new sex tape." Luckily, Saint can't read yet – but it's a sign that this time, damage control will have to be a lot more proactive.

DailyMail adds, "Hammering home that they had to 'move fast', Kim then called Kanye in tears as she discussed with him the best plan of action going forward – particularly as their son had been exposed to an advert.

'It's not OK though, it's not,' Kim sobbed. On Roblox, Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a f—ing thing popped up and he started laughing and it was a picture of my cry face.

'It was a game that someone made of Roblox and it said Kim's New Sex Tape when you clicked on it. Thank god he can't f—ing read yet. And it's like over my dead body is this s–t going to happen to me again. I just want it gone. This is not gonna f–k with me. It's not, so I just want it gone.'

She added in a confessional: 'Had my son been a little bit older and had been able to read, I would have been mortified… I almost died when Saint laughed at it.'

Kim also revealed that had Kanye calmed her down by telling her that she has the power and 'nothing will cancel you,' adding that he had told her to 'stop worrying about the public perception,' as 'you know who you are.'"

This time, Kardashian is on the offense and told her lawyer to burn it all to the ground. Off-balance, anxious and blind-sided; a Kardashian backed into a corner is not someone to bet against.

Kim and Kanye

Although things have been contentious between the pair in recent months, they were once a power couple. Many often asked what Kardashian saw in West, but we may be seeing that in action. West is, first and foremost, unafraid of taking on the world. A protector and a right-fighter, West is a ride-or-die for the people he considers family.

And for someone like Kardashian whose entire life is constantly being dragged through the mud of public perception, that may be exactly the partner she needed as she grew up and separated her life from her family's reputation. Eventually though, West's desire to tackle the world and quick willingness to tilt at windmills must have chafed as Kardashian settled into motherhood and looked to focus on her businesses.

Since filing for divorce last year, Kardashian and West have been at constant odds over custody, and whether or not they'd be getting back together. Kardashian dating comedian Pete Davidson seemed like the last straw for West's patience as he dragged divorce proceedings out, and he launched volley after volley at Davidson through social media.

It all came to a head after West launched a video for his single "Eazy" which showed a claymation Kanye killing and burying in the desert a claymation Pete – and people began scolding him and taking a stronger stance against his public swings. West eventually earned a short Instagram ban after calling comedian and comedy show host Trevor Noah a racial slur – and since then, he's been relatively quiet.

More recently, West and Kardashian have been pictured peacefully out and about with their kids, co-parenting the way Kardashian has said she hoped to. Seeing the way West helped reassure her in this latest personal crisis emphasizes that there was once great love between them – and they could be good friends moving forward. Now that they're united in the latest attack against Kardashian, they'll do the best they can to protect their children from salacious rumors and headlines.

Sometimes couples do best when they're apart – and that seems to be exactly the case with Kardashian and West.