Kanye West has certainly exhibited his share of bizarre activity on Twitter as of late. 

The things he has shared on Twitter in the past few weeks have included the following:

  • Tweeting that his wife Kim Kardashian tried to lock him up
  • Tweeting that mother-in-law Kris Jenner was not allowed around his children. 
  • Tweeting that Anna Wintour looked at him like “he was crazy” for going to GAP (for his clothing collaboration) but then “called back kissing my a**.”
  • Tweeting a text message to Jenner, where he asked her if she was still ready to talk or still avoiding his calls. 
  • Tweeting about Bill Cosby being “locked up” by NBC.
  • Tweeting about wanting a divorce from Kardashian.
  • Tweeting about Kardashian trying to put him on a 5150 hold (an involuntary 72-hour hold in a psychiatric institution).
  • Tweeting something alluding Kardashian cheated on him with rapper Meek Mill.
  • Tweeting more of a text message with Jenner where West asked her if she wants to go to war.
  • Tweeting a tweet where he referred to Jenner as “Kris Jong-Un.”
  • Tweeting that he’s going to “beat [JoeBiden” in their run for President. 
  • Tweeting an apology to Kardashian.

And more.

Aside from Twitter, West also held his first Presidential campaign rally where he claimed he “almost killed” his daughter, unveiled a new album Donda: With Child that still has yet to come out (even though the release day was weeks ago), visited the emergency room, and gave another bizarre interview to Forbes. 

Worried About Emoji’s

West has recently returned to Twitter again, and it seems one of his main concerns has to be with emojis. 


Yesteday, West began with sharing “Not gonna use a snake emoji cause you know why… I’m not sure if Christians are allowed to use snake emojis.”

Many thought West was re-igniting his feud with long-time nemesis Taylor Swift here, as she used a snake for her backdrop on one of her tours and Kardashian had used the snake emoji to defend West against Swift previously. 

West attached the following picture to his tweet:


West wasn’t done talking about emojis, though. 


“There’s so many lonely emojis man,” West later tweeted about emojis, thus starting a series of tweets about emojis. 


Why people don’t never use this,” West next tweeted, sharing the following emoji:


Man guard

“This emoji is a person too,” West added.


West then tweeted the following emoji, asking “so when is this emoji appropriate?”:

West next asked Apple what a specific emoji was, as seen here:

“Bro,” West then tweeted, “this has never been used till now” attaching an emoji as seen here:


While this was the end of West’s “emoji rant,” he did use one of them to attach to a picture as seen here:


More Christians

Aside from tweeting about emojis, West also took time to share his thoughts on Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, tweeting: 

I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee… all love and respect from the future president. It’s an honor to run against you.” Here is a copy of that tweet, where he attached a picture:


Finally, West closed out yesterday’s tweets talking about his finances. 

Specifically, he tweeted “I’m topping 5 billion and I’m looking for a new trusted Christian CFO.”

Here is a copy of the tweet:


What’s Next? 

While West and Kardashian were reportedly having marital problems- including reports they had been living apart for a while- things seem to be on the mend, as the pair took a private family vacation where things seemed to go well.

As far as what West will take to Twitter to discuss next… we truly have no idea. We will be watching, though, as he’s certainly been one of the most interesting accounts to watch as of late.



  • Sara Lewis, August 16, 2020 @ 9:47 am Reply

    Kanye is an idiot.
    Possibly insane, he is so off the wall
    He needs to just go away, please!
    He’s not worth talking about.
    Hate seeing his face everywhere

    • nicky, August 17, 2020 @ 5:13 am Reply

      So negative leave the man alone cant say anything nice shutup ❤❤

  • Pamela, August 17, 2020 @ 2:04 am Reply

    Love Ye. A little eccentric maybe. Who wouldn’t be a little crazy with Chris as a mother in law! Give the guy a break! I believe he will beat Biden at the polls, though Trump will triumph once again and he will be our President another 4 years…… thank you Jesus !

  • Jamielee, August 17, 2020 @ 5:50 am Reply

    Kanye west is insane and childish for gods sake why dont he grow up.and stop tweeting about your life with the kardashians these people are wise and got a great maturity mindset Kim has done her at most best and an amazing job helping kanye so…kanye im tired of all your tweets and face all over social media why are looking for attention.you got beautiful kids to act this way they dont deserve it love and support and understand your family.aswell as the kardashians

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