Kanye West Twitter Rant—Kim Kardashian Tried To Lock Me Up, Kris Jenner Is Not Allowed Around My Children

Yesterday, we reported that Kanye West held his first Presidential campaign rally. Amongst many bizarre comments- not to mention a good deal

Yesterday, we reported that Kanye West held his first Presidential campaign rally. Amongst many bizarre comments- not to mention a good deal of tears- he noted that he was okay if Kim Kardashian divorced him because she gave him their daughter, North. Now, Kanye is on a bizarre Twitter rampage- and he’s claiming Kim is trying to lock him up!

What’s Going On With Kanye West?

Kanye West Tweet Halle Berry Google

Kanye began tonight with tweeting out the above google search for Halle Berry.

Kanye West Jennifer Lawrence Google

He then followed this up with a tweet with a Google search for Jennifer Lawrence.

Kanye West Twitter Michael Jackson video

He then tweeted an emoji, as well as a YouTube link to Michael Jackson‘s Black or White video.

As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, things started to then take a serious- and more accusatory- turn towards his family.

Kanye West Tweet re Kris Jenner

“Kriss don’t play with me,” he tweeted, seemingly talking to his Mother-in-law Kris Jenner. “You and that calmye are not allowed around my children Ya’ll tried to lock me up.”

While we’re not certain, we’re guessing that “calmye” is referring to Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Next, he tweeted that the movie Get Out is about him. Get Out is billed via a quick Google search as a movie “about a black man who stumbles into a very white, very weird world.”

He then got back to talking about his family, this time talking about his wife, Kim. 

“I put my life on the line for my children that North’s mother would never sell her sex rape,” he tweeted.

He then said “I put my life on my God that Norths mom would never photograph her doing playboy and that’s on God. I’m at the ranch… come and get me.”

He then issued the following tweets, mentioning Drake and Shia.

He then mentioned Kim again, saying the “Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor.”

“If I get locked up like Mandela,” he added, “Ya’ll will know why.”

He then talked about his collaboration with Gap and Anna Wintour.

“Kriss and Kim call me now,” he then tweeted.

Next, he shared a screenshot of a text message to Kris Jenner:

Then, as seen above, he posted a picture of his kids and wrote “West children will never do playboy west.”

Kanye West Twitter Righteous Indignation

He then shared the above screenshot, captioning it “Righteous indignation.”

Finally, Kanye got back into talking about Kim- and, bizarrely, Bill Cosby.

“I love my wife,” he shared. “My family must live next to me It’s not up to E or NBC anymore.” 

This seems to point to something going on with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which airs on E.

“NBC locked up Bill Cosby,” he then tweeted.

Finally, Kanye confirmed that “Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday.”

Due to the fact that this is happening real-time, we will update if there are any more tweets.


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