Kanye West Seems Out Of Sorts At New Album Listening Party

Kanye West is back in the headlines this week. As he prepares for the release of a new album, West

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West is back in the headlines this week. As he prepares for the release of a new album, West was seen acting distressed in Italy. The rapper and former fashion titan has been on a downward trajectory for months now. The release of a new album could have been the start of an upswing.

However, if his listening party behavior is any indication – West has not changed much for the better recently.

‘Donda 2’ Never Materialized

Kanye West

The past few years have not been the height of Kanye West‘s career, to say the least. The rapper and former fashion mogul is struggling to retain fans. His fall from grace came after a series of anti-Semitic rants on social media, followed by outright praise for Adolf Hitler and Nazi ideology. West, who goes by Ye now, seems to have gone off the rails after his ex-wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in 2021.

Since then, the rapper has lurched from one public relations disaster to the next, interspersed by hateful online rhetoric. His actions have caused multiple major brands to cut ties with West, and fans have left his following in droves. But now West, who is unofficially married now to model Bianca Censori, seems to be hoping to regain his glory days.

In August of 2021, West released an album he titled “Donda,” after his beloved late mother. And he promised that there would be a “Donda 2.” It was expected to feature his controversial song “Eazy,” which featured a music video that portrayed the violent murder of Kardashian’s new boyfriend at the time, Pete Davidson. Unfortunately for fans, “Donda 2” never materialized. And it won’t be the new album, oddly enough.

Kanye West Seems Distressed At New Album Listening Party

While Kanye West may have angered a lot of people, he still has some powerful friends. This is evident in the collabs his new album appears to boast. According to media outlets, witnesses saw Ty Dolla $ign around West’s studio during recording. Many people expect that they will drop a song together on West’s album.

And speaking of that album, no one knows anything about it. Other than the fact that West recently hosted a listening party to get hype while in Italy. His wife, Censori, was nowhere to be seen. And the rapper appeared out of sorts during the event. He was flailing his arms around and in a video taken of the bizarre moment, West seems to vacillate between enjoying himself and seeming disoriented and distressed.

According to those who know the couple, Censori has taken charge of West’s private and professional life. And she appears to be trying to get him back on track for a quick music comeback. Whether or not Kanye West will go along with her for the ride remains to be seen. And her absence in Italy was glaring, leading many to wonder what’s really going on.