Forget Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Is In Her Taylor Swift Era

These days, everyone has been talking about Meghan Markle and leaving Kate Middleton to do her duty as wife to

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, MEGA

These days, everyone has been talking about Meghan Markle and leaving Kate Middleton to do her duty as wife to the future King of England. But perhaps people are sleeping on the one royal they should be paying attention to. Because it seems that Duchess Kate is in her Taylor Swift era. And that sounds like a good thing.

While out and about in Cardiff, Kate channeled her inner Taylor to the delight of watching crowds.

Kate Is Trying To Stay Out Of The Family Fray

While the media keeps talking about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s rift with the London royals, Kate Middleton has stayed out of it all. While she undoubtedly has feelings about her husband’s relationship with his brother, Kate has always been a more reserved and aloof member of the family. The royal Princess always offers perfect behavior in public, so it’s no surprise that she has tried to stay out of the worst of the feud.

While Meghan and Kate have maintained a pleasant relationship in front of the cameras, things aren’t as perfect behind the scenes. Tabloids accused Meghan of making Kate cry during an ill-fated bridesmaid dress shopping incident. But Meghan later said that she was the one who cried, and Kate was the one who needled her. Kate, for her part, seemed to stay above it all.

How she truly feels about everything is currently a mystery. And it will probably remain one, given her reserved demeanor. While it may frustrate Harry and Meghan that she has held herself apart from events in public, it’s good PR for the royal family.

Kate Middleton Is In Her Taylor Swift Era

After all, they can point to Kate Middleton as an example of a future Queen Consort who doesn’t publicly take sides.

And while she is busy trying to play the neutral party, Kate is finding ways to thrive and stand out in a positive way. During a recent public outing, Kate charmed onlookers by pulling out Taylor Swift’s signature heart hands gesture. It was an unusually playful moment from the serious Princess. And it provided a peek into the kind of Queen Consort she hopes to be someday: a royal for the people.

Kate and Prince William were visiting the Welsh city of Cardiff recently, as they celebrated the 75th anniversary of the EMT Empire Windrush. They stopped into the Grange Pavilion and met members of the Windrush Cymru Elders, Ethnic Minority Youth Forum, and Black History Cymru 365. Then they stopped by the Fitzalan High School in Wales. The royal couple posted about their visit to the school, writing, “Bringing history to life at Fitzalan High School in Wales. Great work by pupils using science, technology, and the arts to explore their cultural heritage and the significance of the Windrush Generation in Tiger Bay.”

And while she posed for some snaps, Kate made the heart-shaped gesture, which charmed those around her.

Since marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton has been sure to never put so much as a toe wrong. And as she grows and continues to hammer out her individual role in the royal family, peeks of her personality are starting to emerge.