Kate Middleton is Pulling off a ‘Royal Family Coup’

In the world of the British royal family, there are a lot of protocols that dictate how people can behave.

Kate Middleton coup

In the world of the British royal family, there are a lot of protocols that dictate how people can behave.

Everyone has a role, a place, and expectations around their behavior and contributions to the family.

But Kate Middleton is somewhat of an enigma. She is perfectly behaved, follows protocol, and is always the picture of royal grace and dignity.

So why is her existence such a problem to the elder royals?

Because she’s just that darn popular. And that popularity is causing some shakeup amongst the royal family, no matter how much Middleton may try to simply politely tow the line.

One royal expert suggests that Middleton is “ambitiously” pushing forward with a “coup.”

The Star reports, “The Princess of Wales is said to be against the idea of just being there to ‘apathetically open things’ and ‘practise ribbon cutting’ and is pushing through with a major plan which was likened to the Stuarts’ coup of 1603.

Her activities while in royal post were praised by expert Daniela Elser, whose comments on Prince William’s wife credited her as a fresh face of the family.

Kate Middleton coup

Expert Elser wrote: ‘Kate is not just nailing the dress code but the actual job too. Not content to apathetically open things and practise the traditional royal art of ribbon cutting (well, at least not any more), in the last couple of years she has pulled off the biggest royal coup since the Stuarts got to have a go on the throne.’

Her work with the Royal Foundation Centre For Early Childhood captured the expert’s attention most of all, brushing off the fact it sounds like a ‘touchy feely kiddie initiative that is high on crayon funding and low on intellectual heft’.

Elser praised the works from the Princess of Wales however, noting the foundation had an aim to ‘tackle homelessness, addiction and mental health in the next generation.’

Elser added: ‘Someone has really been hiding not only their light but a helluva lot of ambition under her designer bushel.'”

And it seems that her efforts are not overly appreciated by the reigning monarch, King Charles III, and his wife Queen consort Camilla.

This was highlighted early last week when Middleton made a surprise appearance at the Chealsea Flower Show. Originally, the King and Queen had planned to attend, but their visit was met with less fanfare than they anticipated.

Middleton, however, was greeted with a media frenzy. And it seems as though there were protocols in place to prevent exactly that kind of upstaging – protocols Middleton ignored.

In his memoir, Prince Harry has suggested that Charles is “envious” of Middleton’s popularity and likeability, and they don’t want her to be taking the spotlight off the family’s biggest stars.

So is Middleton slowly but surely wresting power away from Charles and Camilla? Perhaps – but it’s also somewhat inevitable.

Charles and Camilla represent an older generation, a monarchy falling into disfavor and a type of leadership that leaves much to be desired among younger brits.

Middleton, on the other hand, represents the future – a future rapidly arriving.