Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla Clash Again over Bizarre Subject

Apparently, there’s no love lost between Kate Middleton and Queen consort Camilla. That became obvious this week when Middleton made

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, MEGA

Apparently, there’s no love lost between Kate Middleton and Queen consort Camilla.

That became obvious this week when Middleton made the mistake of appearing at the same event as King Charles and Queen Camilla, and she received more publicity.

That’s apparently a major faux pas according to royal protocol.

But, as it turns out, Middleton and Camilla have another thing that they can’t see eye to eye on – but this one is a little less perilous.

Last year, while speaking with You magazine’s Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla revealed her favorite foods – and those she could not stand.

According to Camilla, she “can’t bear” peppers “raw or cooked”, Camilla said, “I’m not a fan of offal either, aside from very good liver.”

Pay close attention to that “I’m not a fan of offal” comment, because it’s about to come back around to Middleton.

Earlier this year, while Middleton was on one of her many tours of charity and goodwill, she was having a conversation with a 109-year-old person about favorite foods.

At the Oxford Nursing Home Middleton found herself chatting with resident Nora. Nora said that her favorite foods were, “kidneys and Brussel sprouts.”

Delighted, Kate exclaimed, “Oh, kidneys! I love kidneys too!”

Kate is well-known for eating healthy foods, focusing on green and whole foods. So knowing that kidney is a favorite is a bit surprising – and puts her squarely across the table from Camilla, who clearly has no taste for the controversial food. Although Kate and William are known to enjoy a proper takeout and curry when they’re away from prying public eyes and looking for a way to relax.

Woman and Home writes, “With Kate and William known to be big sushi fans for when it’s time for a healthy takeout dinner, mom-of-three Catherine is reported to enjoy hearty porridge and nutrient-packed smoothies in the mornings.

When it comes to lunch, Kate is believed to keep things green with superfood salads, with watermelon, cucumber, and feta salad said to be a favorite.

For dinner, roast chicken is reportedly a go-to in the Wales household, with Kate regularly making pizza and pasta for the kids.”

So, this begs the question – has Kate ever requested kidney just to irk the Queen consort? It doesn’t sound like a very Kate-like thing to do.

But then again, she did make an appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show this week after being warned away from the event. Apparently, the King and Queen don’t like it when Prince William and his incredibly popular wife steal the royal spotlight, so there’s a protocol specifically in place to keep the younger royals out of sight and mind when the elder royals want to make a splash.

Also, remember that Kate and several other royal family members refused to curtsey to the new Queen at the King’s coronation – because apparently Queenzilla held the guest list in an iron grip, icing out people close to Kate and others.

So maybe Kate no longer cares if she irks the contentious new Queen – or maybe she avoids kidney altogether out of respect for the elder royal.

There’s no real way to know, but we like to think that there are glaring contests held over a plate of kidneys in the royal dining hall on occasion.