Kate Middleton Seen Posing for a Charming Rare Selfies – is it a New Royal Trend?

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton leaned in for the close up selfies which has been becoming a trend that

Kate Middleton

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton leaned in for the close up selfies which has been becoming a trend that the royal family has embraced in recent months.

Kate was ready for her close up during her first solo outing of the new year.

41-year-old Middleton visited Foxcubs Nursery in Luton this past Wednesday morning. It is a top-rated childcare and early education center that offers free programming for children. Kate spent time with the adorable kids that range from ages two to five years old.

Middleton also spoke with teachers about the formative nature of the early years, as she has been making that a priority of her royal work.


Kate Middleton Poses for a Selfie as a New-Age Royal

While making her way out of the building, Princess Kate posed for photos with parents waiting to pick up their kids — including two selfies. As seen in a video shared on Twitter by Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, Kate graciously agreed when some moms asked for a snap.

The fact that it was rare instances, the royals have traditionally not engaged in posing for selfies in the past.

Last week, Princess Kate and Prince William both smiled for selfies during their first joint appearance of 2023. After officially opening the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, they took selfies with around 20 hospital staff, volunteers, and visitors.

“They were so welcoming. They were so warm and friendly,” royal fan Amber Otto, who caught up with the couple and took selfies with both Kate and William, told a source for People, “Even when they were being rushed out, they made sure they made time for everybody.”

“The Princess asked me what I did,” she added. “They were talking to as many people as possible.”

Can Royals Pose for Selfies? Kate Middleton Breaking New Ground

On the royal family’s website, there seems to be no obligatory codes of behavior when greeting members of the royal family. Nothing is said about taking selfies.

Princess Kate and Prince William (40) aren’t the only royals to lean into the trend. In September, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also were seen taking selfies with well-wishers in Düsseldorf, Germany during their visit to the Invictus Games’ One Year to Go event.

Though King Charles III hasn’t overtly posed for selfie-style photos, he doesn’t seem to mind when well-wishers flip their cellphone cameras in his direction, as one fan did during a walkabout in London last year.