Kate Middleton Treats Whiny Prince William Like a Fourth Child

Kate Middleton is the picture of prim perfection in public, and most times her husband (and heir to the throne)

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the picture of prim perfection in public, and most times her husband (and heir to the throne) Prince William is too.

But new information coming from sources inside the palace say that all is not as it seems.

According to one author who spoke with a source inside the palace, Middleton has to treat her husband like a fourth child sometimes, babying him alongside their three actual children.


Kate Middleton Treats Prince William Like Fourth Child

Kate Middleton William child

When news broke earlier this year that Prince William had physically attacked Prince Harry over the latter’s decision to leave royal life, it was a stunning revelation.

After all, William is decorous in public; prim, proper and dignified.

And most of his friends have described him that way too.

But the public image may not be the private reality, says once source formerly inside the palace.

Author Tom Quinn spoke to Mirror, and says that a source from the palace has revealed that Kate treats William “like a fourth child” because he has a tendency to throw tantrums.

Mirror reports, “Kate treats him [William] like the fourth child because he’s prone to tantrums,’ the source told Quinn.

The former insider told Quinn that Kate has a cunning strategy for preventing arguments from escalating.

‘They do have rows. It’s not a perfect marriage. They have terrific rows,’ the author explained. ‘But, where some couples have a row and throw heavy vases at each other, William and Kate throw cushions at each other. It’s always kept under control.'”

Quinn explains that William has follow in the footsteps of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who believed in showing a stoic and unruffled face during turmoil.

Mirror adds, “‘Because William adopts the manners and ways of behaving of his grandmother and Kate is very good at not complaining, both of them have stuck to the thing that made Queen Elizabeth II such a remarkable monarch,’ he explained.

The author added: ‘They very rarely complain and when they do it’s always in measured terms.'”

Many Brits seem to feel like William choosing to marry Kate was the best decision he’s ever made. In polls, William and Kate remain more popular than William’s father, newly-minted King Charles III and his wife, Queen consort Camilla.

But between William and Kate, Kate polls more popular among the British subjects.

And it’s no wonder. Kate has managed to stay aloof and distant from the troubles currently roiling through the royal family. Troubles which focus on William’s brother, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle.

The revelations about how Prince William handled Prince Harry’s escape from royal life have not been particularly flattering.

At one point, the two got into an argument so heated that William got physical.

It was a concerning behavior from the country’s future monarch, and even more concerning to know that his wife has to treat him like a toddler with a tantrum.

Nonetheless, William and Kate have more support from the British public for their eventual reign.