Kavinsky Returns After Nearly a Decade by Announcing a New Single

It’s been nearly a decade, but beloved synthwave artist Kavinsky is back. Kavinsky, whose real name is Vincent Belorgey, just


It’s been nearly a decade, but beloved synthwave artist Kavinsky is back. Kavinsky, whose real name is Vincent Belorgey, just announced a new single after 8 year on hiatus. Fans who have been eagerly awaiting his return are stoked, and the internet is buzzing about the upcoming release for “Renegade.” Kavinsky was also recently the talk of the internet for challenging Lamborghini after it seems they blatantly ripped off one of his songs.

Renegade is Reborn


He’s back! Belorgey has announced a return to making music with his upcoming album, “Reborn.” But first, fans will get a taste of his triumphant return with the single, “Renegade.” Renegade launches November 19th, but fans on the edge of their seats will have to wait because no preview has been released yet.

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It’s still unclear when the full album,

Reborn, will be released but the first single dropping is a hint that it could be soon. The new album will be a follow-up to the wildly popular 2013 album, OutRun LP, and Belorgey hired graphic designer Thomas Jumin to create a logo and the art for the new project. So hold on a little longer fans – new music will be here soon. What’s a few more weeks after 8 years of waiting?

Kavinsky’s Career


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Although his career has been seemingly on pause for 8 years, he’s still highly respected and his return is anticipated by many. EDM.com writes, “For those unfamiliar with Kavinsky, his releases have inspired countless synthwave artists over the years. This includes his 2013 song with The Weeknd (a rising star at the time) named ‘Odd Look’ as well as his iconic track ‘Nightcall.’ The latter featured Lovefoxxx of CSS, was produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, and was famously featured in the 2011 film Drive.”

It all started in 2005, when pals Jackson Fourgeaud and Quentin Dupieux inspired Belorgey to give it a try. Dupieux later featured his music in a film he directed, called Steak. “Testarossa Autodrive” was the name of his first single, and was a nod to the Testarossa model of Ferrari, a car which the artist himself drives. Dupieux had connections in the music industry because of his job as a film director, so he was able to send that single to a producer and an artist was born.

Per Wikipedia, “Kavinsky has since toured alongside Daft Punk, The Rapture, Justice, and SebastiAn in 2007. He has also been remixed by SebastiAn and other notable electro artists.

The SebastiAn remix of ‘Testarossa Autodrive’ off the 1986 EP is featured in the video games Grand Theft Auto IV and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.”

And the name “Kavinsky” is more than a random stage name, although it’s kind of that as well. Kavinsky is a character that Belorgey created, and the music tells the character’s story. Wikipedia explains, “Kavinsky’s story is that after crashing his Testarossa in 1986, he reappeared as a zombie in 2006 to make his own electronic music. Kavinsky’s songs help tell his story; Vincent claims in an interview, ”Night Call’ is just about the zombie guy [who] goes to his girlfriend’s house and says okay I’m not the same, we need to talk’, referring to Kavinsky going back to find his girlfriend after the crash who has already moved on with her life.”

It’s a fun and creative way to create an artist’s persona, and it leaves fans waiting for the next installment of Kavinsky’s story.

Lamborghini vs. Kavinsky


Since Kavinsky is a Ferrari guy, it’s not surprising that he has a little bit of a beef with Lamborghini. But that beef goes beyond car preference. When Lamborghini announced the return of the classic and beloved Countach earlier this year, they released a commercial. The song playing over the video sounds like a song Kavinsky wrote called, “Roadgame,” from the OutRun LP. But it doesn’t just sound a little like Kavinsky’s song – it sounds exactly like his song, and no credit was given.

Belorgey spoke out on Twitter, tweeting first, “haha cheaters. Here’s a better version:” with a link to his song. A month later he added, “Grifters gonna grift. #ripoff #roadgame.”

When you compare the two, it’s clear Lamborghini has some explaining to do and some credit to give. So far, they haven’t said anything. But Kavinsky is shaking it off – and soon, Renegade will be here. So Lamborghini can keep their Countach, Kavinsky is about to be Reborn.