Khloe Kardashian’s Cat Steals the Show in New TikTok Walkthrough

Khloe Kardashian isn’t used to being upstaged by anyone (except perhaps her famous family), but she was completely upstaged in

Khloe Kardashian cat video

Khloe Kardashian isn’t used to being upstaged by anyone (except perhaps her famous family), but she was completely upstaged in a new walkthrough video she shared to TikTok.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur uploaded a walkthrough video of herself showing off her ultra-organized pantry, and fans were loving the so-called “organization porn.” (No, there’s nothing sexual – “organization porn” is about satisfying that visual itch for order.)

But there was one thing that caught everyone’s attention in the video: Khloe’s cat.

The video starts with Khloe panning along her perfectly placed shelves, showing her seemingly endless stores of kitchen staples, including multiple brands and consistencies of peanut butter; cookie packs and what appears to be Fig Newtons and mini cereal boxes; GoGo Squeez applesauce packets and fruit and nut snacks; a veritable plethora of hot sauce brands;  multiple containers of sprinkles (in every color), and everything else.

@khloékardashianStar of the Show: my pantry or grey kitty? You tell me 😉♬ Succession (Main Title Theme) – Nicholas Britell

Multiple packs of a variety of foods can be seen, including chips, popcorn, different jellies and jams, rice cakes, Veggie Straws and other snacks and easy-to-make products.

It’s a true visual feast of organization, planning, easy accessibility and a little bit of a nod to obsessive perfection.

But at around 0:15 in the video, a new star bursts onto the scene: Khloe’s silvery cat, Grey Kitty.

Grey Kitty first appears amongst the Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn, raisin snacks and Pirate’s Booty with a smolder for her fans.

Then Grey Kitty strides confidently amongst the sprinkles, slinking between the canisters.

The video concludes with Grey Kitty perched among the sprinkles and just below Khloe’s fine serving dishes. Khloe looks back over her shoulder and offers a wink to viewers – but it’s Grey Kitty who draws the eye. In the last frame, it appears that Grey Kitty has a big smile – but whether it’s a trick of the lighting or a playful edit is unclear.

Fans obviously noticed the cat’s inclusion, taking to the comments to write, “she has her own bodega and Bodega cat lol.”

Another added, “Grey kitty has a little smile at the end.”

One fan wrote, “Coolest sister simply because you have a cat,” and another quipped, “that cat looks expensive.”

Grey Kitty joined the family last year.

US Weekly writes, “In January 2022, the Hulu personality announced the addition of Grey Kitty to the family by posting an Instagram carousel of pics featuring daughter True, 5 — who had a cat-themed birthday party in April of that year — holding her new furry friend. (The California native shares True with ex Tristan Thompson. The on-off couple welcomed a baby boy via surrogate in July 2022.)

Several months after Grey Kitty’s Instagram debut, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum shared more adorable snaps of the animal. ;True and Grey Kitty 🐈‍⬛,’ She captioned a slideshow of photos in June 2022. ‘Swipe through for what pure happiness looks like.’

In the comments section, Khloé noted that the cat was True’s ‘first pet besides her fish Nemo,’ and that her daughter had been ‘asking for Grey Kitty for awhile [sic] and once we moved I promised her we would get a cat. She hasn’t put her down since December lol.’

The mother-daughter duo later showed their love for their feline by dressing up as cats for Halloween in October 2022. ‘What True wants, True gets,’ Khloé captioned photos of them posing with their pet in matching costumes. ‘I know…. I know…. A cat?! For Halloween 🐈‍⬛ 🎃 Ground breaking [sic].’”

It’s clear from looking at Grey Kitty that not only has True not lost her love for the beautiful cat, but that there’s a feline royal prancing around the Kardashian household.