Missing Teen Kiely Rodni’s Body Found in a Condition That May Delay Autopsy Results

16-year-old Kiely Rodni went missing on August 5, 2022. Out for a night of fun at a party with a

Missing Teen Kiely Rodni's Body Found in a Condition That May Delay Autopsy Results

16-year-old Kiely Rodni went missing on August 5, 2022.

Out for a night of fun at a party with a friend, she and her car disappeared – seemingly without a trace. For two agonizing weeks, Rodni's loved ones searched for her. Unfortunately, when they found her it was the worst possible news – only her body was recovered.

And the condition it was in may make answers even slower in coming, adding to the family's heartbreak.

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Rodni’s Body Found Submerged in a Lake

Rodni’s body was found inside her vehicle at the bottom of a lake in California. Her body was found fully submerged, making information-gathering a monumental task.

The amateur sleuth team, Adventures with Purpose, were the ones who had found Rodni’s body and this was due to the fact that they dove into the lake with speculations on what the cause of her death was. They stated that the temperatures and certain conditions under water makes the autopsy exam more difficult to get to the bottom of things.

Barbara Butcher was a former medical examiner who has been studying Rodni’s case. She is an expert in the field and has suggested that there could be possible delays in the results of the tests. This could all be due to the fact that there were specific challenges due to the marine conditions her body was found in, along with other findings.

"Unfortunately, 80 degrees is not ideal for preservation of a body," said Butcher.

She added, "This is a freshwater reservoir. I’m going to assume there were fish in it. And, you know…fish and crabs and other marine life nibble at the body. So, there is some degree of mutilation.” She then began to add that a toxicology report is still possible. She states that it all comes down to the eyeballs of the victim. An exam will extract vitreous fluid with a needle to get a proper exam done.

There is controversy around the finding of Rodni's body, including the fact that citizens attempting to help with the investigation have found multiple items belonging to the victim – and the accusation that the Placer County Sheriff's Office hasn't done their due diligence, nor were they careful when recovering Rodni's remains. Online sleuths have been sifting through evidence and discussing the case in the hope of providing clarity around the teen's death.

Celebrating Kiely’s Life

The official report has still yet to be released but it has been asked for by multiple sources. In a statement, police told The U.S. Sun: "The [Nevada County] Sheriff's Office does have possession of records responsive to your request. It should be noted, however, [that] the investigation is not complete and is considered ongoing at this time. Once the investigation is complete, [the] release will be pursuant to all privileges and/or exemptions that may apply. We expect the investigation, review, and redaction processes to be completed by November 1, 2022.”

The loved ones of the 16 year old held a celebration of life on September 10th. Her mother Lindsey stated that she will never find closure. "I feel her everywhere," Lindsey said, "she's not just with me. She's with all of us."

It's unclear when the autopsy results will be released to the public.