Kim K Shares Sweet Tribute for Miami Socialite and Pal JR Ridinger, Dead at 63: ‘I Love You so Much’

63-year-old J.R. Ridinger, a Miami socialite and "person to know" has passed away. Ridinger had all sorts of friends in

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63-year-old J.R. Ridinger, a Miami socialite and "person to know" has passed away.

Ridinger had all sorts of friends in high places, one of whom happens to be Kim Kardashian. Kardashian shared a heartfelt tribute to her friend overnight after news broke late Wednesday that Ridinger had passed.

"I love you so much," Kardashian wrote to her late friend and his wife.

Posting about his death to her followers, Kardashian said, "Memories were what both of you were the best at creating. Experiences for everyone, a place where everyone felt so loved and special. The memories I will have with JR and you @lorenridinger will last a lifetime. My heart breaks for you and @amberridinger. JR will be so missed. I will always be here for you guys. I love you so much."

The backdrop of Kardashian's story was an image of JR Ridinger and his wife, Loren.

Loren took to Facebook yesterday to clarify JR's cause of death, writing, "While I am unable to speak and I am in shock – you should know I am broken – my heart has been ripped out. To clear the rumors that he fell as some news reports – My husband and I while on our first vacation in 3 years with marc ashley and Maria – had a sudden pulmonary embolism that stole him from us – In just a second – he was gone. A moment. I beg of you to pray and meditate on him. To keep us all in your prayers. I am destroyed. I am broken into pieces. And I will never be the same again. I love you baby. I love you with all of me. Everything I am – is because of us. We were a force – together we can accomplish anything. I will spend every last second of my life – keeping your dream alive – with your entire Market America family. I love you is just not enough. You and me forever."

Who was JR Ridinger?

The Ridingers are the couples to know in Miami, and doubly so for the late JR. They were friends with Jennifer Lopez, the Beckhams, Marc Anthony, Scottie Pippin and many other A-list celebrities.

JR was known around Miami for being a connoisseur of experiences, and a kind person who drew people to him. Pippin wrote of JR's passing, "We lost a good one with the passing of my friend @jrridinger. JR was so helpful and supportive when I began my life after basketball, giving me valuable advice and teaching me how to become an entrepreneur."

Known in the worlds of sports, business, hospitality and entertainment, JR's loss will leave a hole in the circle of Miami's best, even as friends reach out to his wife to promise that they will stick by her in her most trying time.

JR is survived by his wife, Loren, and his two daughters Amber and Amanda.