Kim Kardashian Fans Obsess Over Her Drooping Eyelids in Stunning New Unedited Pic

Kim Kardashian recently re-shared the massive make-up free portrait of her own face on her Instagram stories, and fans were

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently re-shared the massive make-up free portrait of her own face on her Instagram stories, and fans were shocked.

The reality TV star shared on her social media platform a repost of her friend Zoe Winkler Reinis’s picture of the SKKN headquarters foyer.

In this picture, you could see the front desk at the headquarters filled with SKKN products, with the giant lighted portrait of the TV personality.

In this picture Kim was seen wearing no makeup and showing off her real skin in a natural kind of advertisement.

The mother of four wore a calm expression on her face and was smothered with a line of white skincare product on her left cheek.

Fans were able to see her real skin, which is rarely seen.

They took to popular social media forum Reddit to discuss Kim’s choice of showing off her bare skin.

In the thread titled: “Is Kim’s new aesthetic showing off her ‘natural/real’ face and skin? Because I kind of dig it….,” one fan scathed, “Nothing natural about her.”

You’re delusional if you think those pics are natural and real and unedited,” wrote another.

One noticed: “Weird she didn’t filter out her surgical eyelid scar on the left eye.”

It’s not the first time Kim has attempted to show off her real skin.



Kim has tried to show off her makeup free skin in another social media that left fans talking as well.

She was seen going glam free as she washed her face in a new clip promoting her skin care line.

In her Instagram stories, she had her platinum blonde hair pulled back in a bun as she was showing herself washing her face.

She was posting the skin care routine step by step to show her fans,

Makeupless TikTok

Kim has been seen consistently giving a look of her life at home to her fans on the social media platform. It is mainly videos of her and her daughter, North, nine.

Kim shares her makeup free face a lot and it gets fans commenting.

TikTok is usually where fans can catch Kim in an unedited atmosphere, leaving some disturbed.

Different Expressions

A recent Tiktok with North showed Kim’s real smile. The mother daughter duo has been following the most recent trends on TikTok and have been making them go viral.

In one video, Kim is wearing a black tanktop with matching black leggings was wearing an oversized t-shirt.

The sped-up video showed the pair conversing, with Kim unleashing a big laugh as they waited for their cue.

A Kardashian fan screen grabbed a specific frame from the video.

Titled, “Kim can emote! I don’t know why she insists on not smiling in photos,” fans rushed to the comment thread to give their theories as to why the Skims founder doesn’t smile more.

One person wrote: “[Because] her face is tight even here while smiling and [because] she gets lines on her face and is scared to age.”

Another fan commented: “Her face looks so tight and uncomfortable here.”

“That smile looks painful!” added a third.

A fourth Redditor stated: “It doesn’t hurt. It’s the contrary. Sometimes you lose sensation after surgery.”

One fan explained: “The filler,” adding, “it makes you self-conscious because your smile doesn’t look like your face at all, I would think.”