Kim Kardashian’s Former Housekeeper Wants Sanctions in Ongoing Lawsuit

It’s been an extra busy few months for Kim Kardashian. Between separating from toxic ex Kanye West and launching the

Kim Kardashian
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It’s been an extra busy few months for Kim Kardashian. Between separating from toxic ex Kanye West and launching the new Kardashian TV series, the reality star and entrepreneur can’t seem to catch a moment of peace. Now, a lawsuit filed against Kardashian is stepping it up a notch as a former housekeeper demands sanctions against her. The lawsuit ramps up just as Kardashian finds herself bogged down in divorce court, but her former employee isn’t budging. Here’s a look at the lawsuit and what it means for the reality superstar.

Lawsuit Against Kim Gets Serious

Kim Kardashian’s Former Housekeeper Wants Sanctions in Ongoing Lawsuit

In May 2021, seven of Kardashian’s former employees filed a lawsuit against her. According to the lawsuit, Kardashian failed to pay overtime wages or cover expenses, and refused to let them take breaks during work hours. In addition, the lawsuit claims that Kardashian withheld 10% of their income for taxes – but then never reported their employment to the IRS.

According to Kardashian’s defense, she cannot be held liable because they were employed through a third party contract. Kardashian holds that third party employer liable. But that’s not enough for one man at the heart of the lawsuit: Andrew Ramirez.

ScreenRant reports, “According to Radar, the housekeeper, Andrew Ramirez, is asking for a sum of money from the KKW Beauty founder. Ramirez is suing the star on behalf of himself and his son, Andrew Jr., and is demanding $1,857.50 in sanctions. The former housekeeper also has a list of questions he wants to be answered directly by Kim, but the star instead returned the questions with answers from her estate manager. Amongst the list is a request that Kim hands [over all] footage of the employees on her property.”

A New Show and a Messy Divorce – Kim is Busy These Days

Kim Kardashian’s Former Housekeeper Wants Sanctions in Ongoing Lawsuit

The lawsuit comes as an unfortunate juxtaposition for Kardashian, who had been building up a lot of goodwill in the court of public opinion. As the divorce proceedings with ex West wear on, it became clear that she was free of a toxic and controlling relationship. The more West launched online abuse and harassment at Kardashian and new beau Pete Davidson, the more public opinion turned in her favor.

But then Kardashian dropped some dubious advice to women looking to make it in the business world, and those brownie points started to bleed away. In an interview with Variety, when asked about her advice for women she got a little, well – blunt. BuzzFeed News writes, “‘I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f–king a– up and work,’ Kim says in the clip, before adding, ‘It seems like nobody wants to work these days.’”

It’s an interesting opinion from the silver spoon gallery, but there’s no arguing it: Kardashian herself is a hard worker. However, it’s clear she doesn’t understand the barriers to success that many face, and how hard people work that don’t strike it rich.

When held up against the details of this lawsuit, it’s not a good look for Kardashian – for whom everything was coming up roses – “Eazy” pun intended.

The Kardashians – Rob Making ‘Brief’ Appearance

Kim Kardashian’s Former Housekeeper Wants Sanctions in Ongoing Lawsuit

But whatever’s going on in the courts for Kim, the family is currently enjoying the return of reality star success as their The Kardashians show strikes the right chord with fans. Sneak peaks into the show give fans a glimpse of what to expect, and it seems that they can expect a lot of honesty. Unlike the decidedly lighter-hearted Keeping Up With the Kardashians which focused on their rise to family and family dynamics, The Kardashians comes at a pivotal time in the family’s lives.

Now, they’re all growing up and having families of their own. Fans watched it happen in KUWTK, but life has gotten pretty real for the Hollywood darlings in the past few years. From behind-the-scenes look at Kim’s struggles with the divorce to sweet moments like Travis Barker proposing to Kourtney – it’s a raw glimpse into the life of a family everyone feels like they know.

The Kardashians airs April 14 on Hulu, and it will include elusive brother Rob Kardashian – briefly. US Weekly dropped this nugget last week after speaking to a source close to the family; “‘He will be making very brief appearances on the Kardashians’ Hulu show,’ a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. ‘He’s camera shy so doesn’t like being filmed, but fans will see glimpses of him.’”

In contrast to his camera-friendly sisters and parents, Rob often avoids fame, preferring to just forge his own way and do his own thing. But The Kardashians will include the silent Kardashian kid, and that’s sure to peak the interest of true fans.

As the new show gets ready to kick off and Kardashian pushes to settle in court with West, this new lawsuit is a burr in the side of the SKIMS founder she’ll want to solve as quickly as possible.