Kim Kardashian is Free Again; Judge Grants Her ‘Legally Single’ Status

The world this week has been desperate for a distraction from dire events. That may be why everyone has been

Kim Kardashian is Free Again; Judge Grants Her 'Legally Single' Status

The world this week has been desperate for a distraction from dire events. That may be why everyone has been watching so closely what’s happening between Kim Kardashian and YeKanye West. Their divorce has played out in real-time across social media and television as the pair seems completely at odds over their expectations from the end of their marriage. Now, Kardashian has scored a win in courts due to the fact that West has been unwilling to participate in divorce proceedings. Here’s what you should know about Kim’s big win.

Kim is Free

Kim Kardashian

It’s been a year since Kardashian first filed for divorce from West. The couple had been estranged since the Summer before, after a series of concerning public blow-ups from West led Kardashian to distance herself. The official filing came as no surprise to anyone – except West, it would seem. West refused to participate in the divorce, at one point even saying he’d never seen the divorce papers which were legally presented to him.

In December of 2021, Kardashian went to the courts and filed to be declared legally single. This is a remedy used by a spouse when the other is uncooperative, combative, or unable to be located. In the case of the Kim/Ye split – all three apply.

In the court filings, Kardashian laid out her desire to be free of the divorce West was determined to drag out, adding, “I believe that the Court terminating our marital status will help Kanye to accept that our marital relationship is over and to move forward on a better path which will assist us in peacefully co-parenting our children.” In addition, part of Kardashian’s desire to be done with it all is due to how much private information West has blasted across social media as he lashes out in frustration. 

But all was not lost for Kardashian, as TMZ broke the news Wednesday per CNN, “Kim Kardashian is now legally single.

A Los Angeles judge granted the reality TV star and businesswoman’s request to change her marital status on Wednesday, according to a source close to Kardashian.”

Whether West likes it or not – Kim/Ye is over. Kardashian has been dating comedian Pete Davidson for a few months now – which has West seeing red. 

Kanye’s Concerning Behavior


Unfortunately, even before the divorce was filed, West’s behavior was beginning to careen towards reckless and concerning. Once the divorce was filed, all bets were off – and the past three months have seen some of his most disturbing behavior to date. Just this week, West released a music video for his song “Eazy,” and in it the video portrays a claymation avatar of himself kidnapping, murdering, and burying in the sand a claymation avatar of Pete Davidson.  The disturbing video which includes West holding a severed head ends with the text, “everyone lived happily ever after / except s̶k̶e̶t̶e̶ you know who/ JK he’s fine.”

It’s just the latest in a long line of behavior that has experts worrying about whether or not West has been seeking expert help for his bi-polar, or he’s trying to work things out on his own. In the same song, at one point West quips, “‘Mr. Narcissist,’ tell me ’bout my arrogance/ No more counselin’/ I don’t negotiate with therapists.” 

Time will tell if Kardashian will be able to co-parent peacefully with West, which she has expressed a desire to do multiple times. West, for his part, seems focused on targeting Davidson and ignoring reality. 

What’s Next for the Pair?

Kim Kardashian

The divorce proceedings aren’t officially over, even if Kardashian is legally free – there are still all the details of untangling two lives to go through. The process will be drawn out and painful if West has his way, although if his behavior continues the way it has, he may end up stonewalled behind a restraining order and communicating through lawyers only. 

Now that Kardashian is at least officially no longer Kardashian West, she’s focusing on her children, businesses, and own personal interests (which seem to include Davidson). Kardashian will be appearing on the upcoming Hulu series, The Kardashians, and has thrown herself back into her passions at KWW Beauty, Skims and her pursuit of a law degree. 

Kardashian has an interest in helping the wrongly incarcerated and fighting injustice in the court system; it took until her fourth try to pass the “baby bar” exam but she will face a much stiffer challenge with the final bar exam. However, after surviving the rollercoaster that has been the last year of her life and staying focused on the future – we’re pretty sure she’ll nail that too. 

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