Kim Kardashian Floats the Idea of Leaving Reality TV, and Gets Tons of Support from Fans and Haters Alike

Kim Kardashian has said that she is open to leaving reality TV. But not for nothing. The “it” girl and

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has said that she is open to leaving reality TV.

But not for nothing.

The “it” girl and fashion icon has plans for what she’ll do after, if she actually leaves reality TV – and both fans and haters alike are cheering her on.


Kim K Says She’d Leave Reality TV, for a Really Good Reason

Kardashian was interviewed on Tuesday at the TIME100 Summit, and she spoke about her efforts in the area of criminal justice reform. Including how she worked to get Alice Marie Johnson released from prison.

Kardashian said her time working for criminal justice reform has been “life-changing” and “eye-opening.”

When asked if she would walk away from reality TV to become a lawyer, Kardashian did not hesitate – she said, “Absolutely.”

The reality star and business mogul explains that she’s already passed her baby bar exam, and is working towards making law her serious central career.

Kardashian will take the real bar in February, and if she passes she could then pursue her dream of working as a lawyer to free the wrongfully incarcerated.

Fans and Haters Alike Agree that Kim K Should Pursue Law

In a rare case of accord, both fans of Kardashian and haters agree that she should become a lawyer. Or at least, they agree that she should leave reality TV.

On Twitter, one fan said, “We support her.”

Another added, “We stand with Kim.”

One hater chimed in, “We support her leaving reality TV at the very least.”

And another critic added, “We stand with her quitting everything and retiring.”

While the haters may be getting their miles out of mocking her plans to become a lawyer, Kardashian’s interest in criminal justice reform seems sincere and focused.

And if everyone can agree that she should leave reality TV, maybe there are other things everyone can agree on – even if our motives are all different.