Kim Kardashian Opens Up as to Why She Cries Herself to Sleep

In a candid conversation on Jay Shetty’s podcast, “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” Kim Kardashian shared her experiences as a

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In a candid conversation on Jay Shetty’s podcast, “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” Kim Kardashian shared her experiences as a single parent, revealing the emotional struggles she faces. The reality star and entrepreneur discussed the hardships of raising her four children – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm – whom she shares with her ex-husband, Kanye West.

Parenting has been a transformative journey for Kardashian, teaching her valuable lessons about herself. However, she acknowledged that it can be incredibly challenging, leading to nights where she finds herself in tears. The responsibilities of managing different personalities, mediating conflicts, and taking on the roles of both good and bad cop can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Kim expressed her determination to become firmer in her parenting approach while recognizing that it’s an ongoing process. She candidly described parenting as “really fucking hard,” emphasizing that there’s no amount of preparation that can fully equip anyone for the journey. Despite the difficulties, she finds immense pride in overcoming each day’s hurdles and witnessing her children’s growth.

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During the interview, Kim discussed the chaotic nature of having young children, referring to it as “full madness.” She highlighted the long days and fleeting years, emphasizing the unique challenges of the early stages, such as sleepless nights and constant feedings. The pandemic added an extra layer of complexity to parenting as she navigated the chaos while adjusting to new routines and responsibilities.

Kim also touched on the importance of self-care, acknowledging the moments when personal grooming takes a backseat to the demands of motherhood. She recognized the tremendous impact of the pandemic on parenting, describing the unprecedented challenges faced by mothers during those uncertain times.

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Following her divorce from Kanye West, Kim and West share joint custody of their children. West’s support and involvement in parenting remain significant, with him acknowledging Kim’s primary role in raising the children. The couple’s commitment to co-parenting reflects their dedication to the well-being and upbringing of their kids.

In sharing her journey, Kim Kardashian sheds light on the realities of single parenthood and the emotional toll it can take. Her vulnerability resonates with parents worldwide, emphasizing that the rewarding moments of motherhood outweigh the difficulties. Through her words, Kim inspires others to find strength, adaptability, and pride in navigating the challenges that come with raising children.