Kim K Admits to Hunting Love, But She’s Taking a Pause (Sorry Tom Brady)

On a podcast appearance this week, Kim Kardashian (42) got honest about her relationship with relationships – and her desire

Kim Kardashian moving on

On a podcast appearance this week, Kim Kardashian (42) got honest about her relationship with relationships – and her desire to “always” be in love.

Kardashian appeared on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast and got real about her love life, and it’s bad news for Kim K/Tom Brady hopefuls.

Kardashian explained, “I think I’ll always be a hopeless romantic and always want to be in love and definitely love sharing my life with someone, and love creating a life with someone.”

She added, “I definitely will take my time. And I think there’s so many factors, especially when you have kids and being mindful of people that enter in your life.”

When she was asked what she specifically believes is required to make love last in the midst of life’s chaos, Kardashian thoughtfully responded, “I think just having that mutual respect, treating people with respect is just a given.”

The reality star continued, “I truly think someone is such a solid person when they have really grounded relationships. Grounded in love and relationships can be different things. You know, sometimes you have your group of girlfriends that you love to go on vacation with, and then sometimes you have, you know, your other friends that you work really well with.”

Kardashian added, “Every relationship can be different. If you have just a mutual respect around the, across the board, that’s I think the number one thing.”

However, despite the fact that she seems to jump from one high profile relationship to another, Kardashian says she doesn’t actually “need people to make me happy” and is “not really ever searching for something.”

The mother of four said, “I’m really content. My babies make me happy, my family, my life. You know, experiences make me happy. But when you just look around and when there’s like tension and stress, that is just not necessary from work, from relationships, from friends. And you just decide to be still and not try to please everyone.”

Kardashian, who recently emerged from a bitter divorce with avowed antisemite and rapper Kanye West, added, “It becomes just really clear and you realize that you just wanna be happy and you wanna share this life and that these experiences with your group of people that you trust and you love, and who are super loyal.”

And speaking of that divorce; Kardashian is choosing herself now. And the decision to choose herself and her happiness unlocked a whole new future for both the reality star and her children.

Kardashian explained on the podcast, “so many opportunities just opened up and things that I never thought in a million years would come my way.”

“It seemed like clear as day that the universe was rewarding me for choosing myself and elevating, like, getting to the next level in the video game. I had to get here and I was always like here just in my growth process. And once I chose myself, the universe is opening up for you and all these opportunities are coming my way. And those were the confirmations that I was heading in the right direction, ” she said.

As part of her journey to love herself and focus on choosing happiness, Kardashian wakes up early and works out – and that’s her zen time to enjoy the silence and connect with herself. From there, she says she spends about “two hours of madness” getting four kids ready and off to school. On the drive home from school drop off, Kardashian says she has 20 minutes to “blast her music” and not take any calls – that’s “Kim time.”

Throughout the years, Kardashian has been married to Damon Thomas (2000 too 2004), Kris Humphries (for 72 days in 2011) and West (2015-2021), and famously dated many more big-names, including recently Pete Davidson. She has been publicly connected with NFL legend Tom Brady in recent weeks, but sources say the two are just friends.