Fans React to Revealing Pics of Kim Kardashian in Bed

Kim Kardashian has been known to show every moment of her life on social media. Some fans love it, some

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Kim Kardashian has been known to show every moment of her life on social media.

Some fans love it, some don’t – but the reality star and entrepreneur has never held back from showing her floating through life with an envious level of money and influence.

However, a new post by the star has some fans scratching their heads.

It’s not exactly a secret that Kardashian’s images are both photoshopped and posed to perfection, but the newest post has people wondering why she can’t take the makeup off even for a minute.


Kardashian took to Instagram to post two pictures and a short video, showing the reality star in bed.

In the first picture, fans get a slightly blurry closeup of Kim’s face while she’s “sleeping.” And the instantly noticeable thing about the picture is that she looks flawless. The blanket is snugged up under her chin so she doesn’t have to worry about any double chin exposure, and her cheek is resting delicately on her hand.

Oh, and she’s in a full face of makeup.


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In the second image, taken from above, Kardashian looks to be posed peacefully on her back, with her head turned slightly to the side.

And again, she looks flawless in full makeup and a perfectly styled ponytail.

In a third pic, someone takes a video entering her room and coming across a “sleeping Kim.” She awakens, stretches and scratches her arm looking bleary and recently awoken.

And again – flawless.

Kardashian captioned the trio of images and video, “Guys, I’m really tired 🥱😴😂.”

Sister Khloe responded, “Me every day.”

Fans took to the comments with a mixture of amusement and admiration.

One asked, “But sleeping with makeup on??😮.”

Another added, “So you do sleep with makeup on and it stays intact 🤣❤️.”

One fan explained, “She litteraly said that she can take naps with make up on without ruining it. Why are yall surprised 😂this is an absolute flex. A gorgeous sleeping beauty.”

And another quipped, “Kimberly are you just trying to flex that you’re even beautiful in your sleep maam ??????”

In response to the short video, one fan observed, “That wrist scratch tells me that she really was asleep lol.”

Another speculated that maybe Kardashian was launching a new sleepwear line soon, wryly writing, “Kimsleep is coming guys.”

There’s one thing that can be said about Kardashian – she knows how to style herself and how to control her image. Moments like these are revealing as to the level of care and meticulous attention she pays to every facet of her image – even when she’s “sleeping.”