Kim Kardashian Rips Into Kanye for Spreading Drake Affair Rumor

Kim Kardashian has spoken recently about not regretting her marriage to ex Kanye West, but she may be regretting those

Kim K rips Kanye over Drake affair rumors

Kim Kardashian has spoken recently about not regretting her marriage to ex Kanye West, but she may be regretting those gracious words in a new episode of “The Kardashians.”

In the season 3 premiere of the Hulu reality show, Kardashian tears into West for publicly talking about her infamous sex tape with Ray J, and for apparently spreading rumors that she was sleeping with Drake while married to West.

In the new episode, Kardashian is venting to mom Kris Jenner about how “exhausted” her ex-husband is making her. And that’s understandable, given how much trouble he keeps getting himself into.

TMZ reports, “As Kim sees it … Ye, who once bragged he’s her ultimate protector, is doing the opposite these days, which she says includes uncomfortably bringing up her sex tape with Ray J all those years ago.

Kim goes on to say his ‘insane’ narratives are a common occurrence, but believes all the stuff he’s been spewing will mess up their kids more than her tape ever could. She even says Ye wants to approve what she says about him on the show … which, obviously, didn’t go his way.”

The new episode and all its attendant drama comes just days after Kardashian spoke on a podcast about how her marriage to West was “beautiful,” but admits that she can’t do anything to change him.

Kardashian spoke on the “On Purpose” podcast with Jay Shetty, and although she didn’t name-drop Kanye, it was clear who she was talking about.


Kim talked with Shetty a lot about having had “different views” from someone in her life who she didn’t have “the power” to change.

She explains, “You can’t force your beliefs and project that on someone that thinks something totally different.” The mother of four said that she was struggling to “co-exist really well” with a particular person.

Any thoughts on who that might be?

10 points if you said the Hitler-loving, career-crashing business mogul she was most recently married to.

Kardashian goes on to say that she does believe it’s “okay to have” conflicting opinions. She continues on by saying that’s how “the world goes ’round.”

Speaking to listeners of the podcast, Kardashian encouraged people to prioritize relationships where they “align in the same values and morals and things at your core.”

Kardashian added thoughtfully, “It’s OK to realize that this life is so short, and you should go and find the people that do align with what you really believe in. You can’t really force things upon other people,” she continued. “You can’t expect them to be where you’re at, at your level.”

It was kind of Kardashian to speak so pleasantly about her marriage now looking back, but it’s clear that whenever they filmed this episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim wasn’t feeling too forgiving. And who can blame her?

West damages more than Kim’s reputation with his ongoing drama. They have four children together, after all, who will always bear their dad’s reputation for not only antisemitism, but for dragging down their mom’s reputation.

That’s some heavy baggage.