Kim Zolciak-Biermann ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ S8 Trailer: What to Expect?

It feels like forever since fans have seen Kim Zolciak-Biermann’sDon’t Be Tardy to the Wedding on the air. With filming

It feels like forever since fans have seen Kim Zolciak-Biermann’sDon’t Be Tardy to the Wedding on the air. With filming pushed back earlier this year, fans began to worry that the show wouldn’t be ready in time for a fall premiere. But never fear, the show is here! Well, Almost. And a new trailer has fans abuzz with anticipation. 

Earlier this year, filming for the show was pushed back when the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays all across Hollywood. Several Real Housewives shows joined Don’t Be Tardy in suffering from pandemic-related delays. But now, fans have been given a premiere date, and some trailers to enjoy while they eagerly await the upcoming season. 

RHOA spawns something beautiful

Biermann is a former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, and well-known tv personality, singer, and performer. But perhaps her most cherished role is that of mother and wife. During her time on RHOA, Biermann released a single, “Don’t be Tardy to the Party,” fell in love, and had two children. Biermann, husband Kroy, and their blended family of six kids embarked on their own journey when they began starring in the Housewives spin-off, Don’t be Tardy to the Wedding

So what’s happening in season 8?!

The season premiere is expected to air on October 6th, at 10/9c on Bravo. A summary of the upcoming season, shared by Bravo, reads, “Kroy is determined to take his tight-knit family on the trip of a lifetime through the United States, which doesn’t quite please Kim and the girls as they are left wondering how their crazy family of eight will survive an entire summer in an RV. Will they be able to handle this adventure, or will it be a major failure?

There is no shortage of drama (and wine) for Kim as the Biermann family is tested with this new lifestyle on the road. From countless RV mechanical issues to haunted houses in the Midwest, the summer will prove there is nothing they can’t handle.

Brielle and Ariana are closer and more similar than ever. As Ariana prepares to leave for college, Brielle tries to convince her to stay close to home.

The youngest Biermanns—Kaia, Kane, Kash, and KJ—couldn’t be more excited for this experience to create new memories that will last forever.

Chef Tracey joins the crew for part of the summer to try keeping the family sane and fed!”

The trailer looks like pure family fun and adventure 

As if this description wasn’t enough to have fans jumping with joy at the prospect of seeing their beloved show stars again, a new trailer shared by Biermann on Instagram shows a trailer packed with fun and excitement. Fans get to pile in with the Biermann family as they take an RV ride through the United States. Saddle up with Kim and family as they ride horses, dodge lightning storms, tear up the track on go-karts, and generally live it up with their six kids in very tight living quarters. They visit a haunted house, casino, and deal with vehicle troubles. While this may not be Kim’s idea of a relaxing vacation, it’s sure to be the kind of fun that fans can’t wait to be a part of. 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann brings exactly the kind of fun that 2020 needs

We can’t wait to see what Biermann and her family are up to in season 8, and we eagerly await the premiere with other fans. This promises to be exactly the fun, loving, and light-hearted adventure everyone needs in 2020.