King of Miami Nightlife David Grutman Opens New Steakhouse: Key Club

Miami’s premiere steakhouse has arrived, and the next level of cuisine unlocked with Coconut Grove’s newest venue: Key Club. From

King of Miami Nightlife David Grutman Opens New Steakhouse: Key Club

Miami’s premiere steakhouse has arrived, and the next level of cuisine unlocked with Coconut Grove’s newest venue: Key Club. From the mind of Miami’s nightlife king, David Grutman, the Key Club is a new take on American classic grill food – and you’ll want to make time for a visit. It wasn’t just Miami natives showing up to celebrate the opening of the new steakhouse this week – stars came to play too. Here’s a look at the new Key Club, and why you’ll want to open the door to a new world of cuisine delights.

Coconut Grove’s New Steakhouse: The Key Club

Key Club

When a new steakhouse opens, it has to do something special to stand out among peers. But everything Grutman touches is special to start with – so what makes Key Club extra special? Groot Hospitality under the expert guidance of Grutman has a knack for taking what could be another standard venue and turning it into something spectacular.

Key Club is more of that Groot magic. With a menu built around fresh-caught seafood and flavorful steak dishes, customers can expect an experience that delights from the moment they walk in to the moment they leave. With a Groot property, you’re buying more than a meal: you’re buying an experience. Whether you want a hearty meal or would rather start light with some scrumptious starters, crisp salads, signature sushi rolls, specialty cocktails or more – you’ll find something to delight your tastebuds at Key Club.


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Coconut Grove is well-known for having a small-community feel, with a warm and intimate hospitality approach. Key Club harnesses that energy and brings that small-town feel with big city class. The decor embraces a whimsical contemporary architectural skeleton with curving features to catch the eye and a soothing color palette of mid-tone woods, browns, golds and blues to put customers at ease. Key Club plans to host weekend brunches and live jazz. Considering the caliber of one of Grutman’s business partners in particular – who we’ll get to in a moment – customers can expect some top-notch entertainers.

For more information or to make reservations, visit the Key Club website.

Grutman Does it Again

Key Club

Celebrating the opening of Grutman’s newest dining destination, two stars in particular turned up to give it a try: David Beckham and Lenny Kravitz. Both are familiar with Grutman’s past wins, so giving the new place a try was a no-brainer.

Some other venues that Grutman and his team is known for both by those in Miami and around the world include:

  • LIV: Miami’s nightlife comprises of a few superstar venues, and LIV is one of those. Consistently ranked as one of the top nightclubs in the world, LIV has reimagined the nightlife experience by combining state-of-the-art technology and that special Groot magic. LIV recently completed a $10 million renovation.
  • Story: Story is another of Miami’s most beloved nightlife venues, but make it high-octane. Another venue with state-of-the-art equipment and a unique atmosphere, Story draws some big names in dance music – and celebrities who just want to party.
  • Komodo: In the heart of Miami’s Brickell, this three-story Pan-Asian restaurant is one of Miami’s favorites. With 300 seats for dining and “floating birds nests” that give customers a treehouse vibe, the 17,000-sqft venue is a grand dining experience like no other.
  • Goodtime Hotel: Opened in 2020, Goodtime hotel is a partnership between Grutman and singer/songwriter/producer/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams. The pair crafted a boutique hotel experience in the heart of Miami, with bespoke contemporary style and the kind of oasis-in-a-hurricane vibes that has people flocking to the hotel. While South Beach whirls around you in an ever-churning storm of motion, you’ll find rest and zen at Goodtime.
  • Swan: Located in Miami’s Design District, Swan is another team-up between Grutman and Pharrell. Designed to be the forefront of freshness, Swan’s menu rotates on a center of seasonal ingredients and market-driven options. Bold flavors pepper the menu through a variety of refined rustic cuisine and dynamic communal plates, making it the perfect choice for small or large groups – of any occasion.
  • Strawberry Moon: Groot Hospitality describes Strawberry Moon as, “a new contemporary, high-energy Mediterranean restaurant, bar, and day-to-night swim club, tucked above the busy streets of South Beach at the newly opened Goodtime Hotel.” It’s a bit of a mouthful for a venue that offers a bit of everything. Crafted by Grutman and Williams, Strawberry Moon is designed to bring people together at the intersection of Miami’s happy, hedonistic, and healthy cultures. With a menu that encompasses world flavor and pools to help stave off that Miami heat, it’s the perfect place to spend the waning hours of the day.

The Groot Hospitality family includes several more wildly successful locations, and their forward momentum isn’t slowing any time soon.

From Coconut Grove to the Bahamas?

Key Club

With the extraordinary success Groot Hospitality has enjoyed through hard work and skill in Miami, it’s easy to see why the announcement that they’re expanding to the Bahamas was met with joy. Grutman and Williams are teaming up again, this time for something new and different to Atlantis Paradise Island.

When news broke about this new collab in January, CELEB took a closer look:

“On Atlantis Paradise Island, Grutman and Williams will be launching a brand-new resort: Somewhere Else. CNN reports, ‘Slated to open in January of 2024, Somewhere Else will house approximately 400 rooms and suites, multiple restaurants and bars, and bungalows with recording studios — with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor flows with lush, freeform landscaping.

Williams, in a joint exclusive interview with Grutman, said that the concept of ‘tropical modernism’ is being reimagined for this new space, hinting at a more contemporary feel. ‘Often, when talking about tropical aesthetics, there’s this harkening back to another time,’ Williams said. ‘It’s like, ‘man, let’s let that time be.’ We’re going for the future here.”

Shawn Sullivan, partner at The Rockwell Group, leads the design and envisions a fluid sight line, with cascading pools and a heavily landscaped garden entrance, beckoning guests into a polychrome interior decor scheme. The goal is to take away a lot of the rigidity of the current area and let nature guide their hands when bringing the buildings and design elements to life.

This is the power duo’s most ambitious undertaking, but they have the know-how and resources to make it incredible. It’s impossible to fully imagine just how extraordinary the property will be: they excel at the tiny touches that help create atmosphere and vibe, tiny details that you can only appreciate up close. With just under two years to go until guests can check in, we’re counting down the days.”

It’s a wonder that Grutman finds time to open anything with the ongoing enormous success of his current venues, but the Miami King of Nightlife manages it all – and Key Club is another feather in the cap of someone who knows how to make customers feel like royalty.