Royal Headache: New King Reportedly ‘Sick of’ Camilla’s Beef with Prince Harry

The royal family is not exactly known for harmony – despite their greatest efforts to project the outward appearance of

King Charles sick of Camilla's beef with Prince Harry

The royal family is not exactly known for harmony – despite their greatest efforts to project the outward appearance of perfect accord.

But things have been more turbulent than ever over the past year or two as Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle break off from the main royals, living in the United States.

Harry’s father, Charles, is now King Charles III – having taken the throne from his mother Queen Elizabeth II after she passed in 2022.

But although he may be one of the most visible and recognizable people on the planet, King Charles’ power is not all-encompassing.

As evidenced by the fact that he seems to be fed up with his wife and Queen Consort, Camilla’s, beef with his son, Harry. But he may be powerless to stop it.


Queen Consort Camilla vs Prince Harry

Queen Camilla is reportedly “furious” that King Charles invited Prince Harry to the coronation – even though he was relegated to the third row and didn’t get involved in most of the family’s celebrations.

RadarOnline reports, “Camilla, 75, went on a rampage after Charles welcomed Harry to the most momentous occasion of his life at a time when the scandal-plagued monarchy is facing so much backlash, a palace courtier spilled.

‘Camilla agrees with Prince William this was a spineless move and Charles should have banished Harry and Meghan from the kingdom instead — sending the clear message their traitorous poison won’t be tolerated,’ dished the insider. ‘She believes Charles’ decision has weakened their popularity.’

As reported, Charles, 74, was already stressed to the point of breaking and has apparently lost patience with trying to please his demanding wife.

‘Charles finds her behavior disruptive and disrespectful,’ revealed the source. ‘He’s sick and tired of people questioning his decisions and trying to undermine him.’

Even the palace staff has taken note of the tension.

‘Charles and Camilla are testy with each other,’ tattled the insider. ‘They can’t sit and have a meal without arguing, and they’re getting very snippy with the staff.'”

That, of course, begs the question: how much power does a King really have?

It’s clear that between the two of them, Camilla is the more aggressive personality – and it’s equally clear that the King is not ready to cut his youngest son off completely.

It will be interesting to watch the battle play out between the two of them as King Charles settles into his reign as Britain’s monarch.

Prince Harry, for his part, has reserved his criticism for the entire royal family and doesn’t seem to be aiming any particular ire at Camilla.

That’s despite the fact that there are rumors that Camilla’s place in the family was only assured through the death of Harry’s mother, the beloved Princess Diana.

Harry’s magnanimity could be due to lingering love for his family despite how ill-used he’s been by them, or it may be calculated to minimize future damage.

But either way, Camilla continuing to snipe at her husband’s youngest son while the son seems to be maintaining a peaceful distance – it’s not the best look.