Kylie Jenner is Expecting Baby #2 with Travis Scott

According to TMZ, another Jenner is on the way. The celebrity news site announced today that Kylie Jenner is expecting

Kylie Jenner

According to TMZ, another Jenner is on the way. The celebrity news site announced today that Kylie Jenner is expecting baby #2 with Travis Scott – and the internet feels vindicated. Rumors have been swirling for months after Jenner deviated from her usual fashion choices, so a lot of people are going to feel smug today.

Kylie’s Big News

TMZ reported today that Jenner has confirmed her impending second baby. TMZ reports, “A source with direct knowledge tells us Kylie is still in the ‘very early stages’ of the pregnancy and does not yet know the sex of the baby … who will make 3-year-old Stormi, a big sister. We do not yet know when the baby is due.

Kylie’s made it clear in recent years she didn’t want Stormi to be an only child … saying she felt pressure to have another child in 2020 but wasn’t ready for it just yet.”

Jenner tends to fly under the radar when pregnant, and spent much of her first pregnancy out of the public gaze. With her pregnancy with Stormi, Jenner never officially confirmed and avoided the paparazzi as much as possible, before giving birth to her beautiful, healthy, 8lbs 9oz baby girl at the same hospital where two of her sisters delivered their babies; Cedars-Sinai. 

Rumors Have Been Flying

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott

All over the internet, people are patting themselves on the back today in the wake of TMZ‘s share. Rumors have been flying for months that Jenner was expecting again. As recently as yesterday, fans were compiling lists of why Jenner was likely to be expecting due to unusual behavior, including:

  • Zombie pictures. Not pictures of zombies, but older pictures that Jenner has resurrected to share again on social media. This is unusual for the stunningly beautiful famous influencer, who has no shortage of jaw-droppingly beautiful pics to share on a daily basis. So why the zombies? 
  • 24 Karat Secret. Jenner recently celebrated her big 24th birthday, dubbing it her 24K. But where are the pics of the birthday girl? Like the zombie pics, this omission is quite telling.
  • Travis and Kylie, together forever. Now that the pair – whose past is quite tumultuous – are back together, fans have been speculating that they would go for baby #2. 
  • From sleek to baggy. Jenner has been pictured in public in recent months wearing baggy clothes, a definite shift for the fashionista.
  • No raw fish. One public sushi order raised eyebrows as Jenner left off raw fish – making it a little difficult to call it sushi, but who are we to judge? 

But there’s one more damning piece of evidence that may have let the cat out of the bag before Jenner was ready – Caitlyn Jenner herself. Per TMZ, “Caitlyn Jenner also seemed to let the cat out of the bag Thursday when she said she just learned one of her kids is expecting. Caitlyn’s son, Burt, says he’s expecting a third child with his wife, Valerie, but now we know Kylie will be bringing a new kiddo into the world too.” 

Kardashian/Jenner Family Legacy


This baby will be the newest in a storied line of Kardashian/Jenner babies who are already taking over the world of influencing. CELEB recently did a recap of the next generation of Kardashians, if you’re having trouble keeping up – pun intended:

  • “The entire empire started with Kris and Robert Kardashian. Between the two of them, they gave life to four of the six most famous family members – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob
  • Kourtney was married to Scott Disick from 2007-2015, and together they had three children: Mason, Penelope, and Reign – all retaining the last name Disick. 
  • Kim was married to Kanye West until recently – although technically they’re still married, it’s an all but done deal. Together, they had four children: NorthSaint, Chicago, and Psalm.  
  • Khloe isn’t married to but is still with partner Tristan Thompson – although their relationship is famously tumultuous. Together, they have True, whose last name is Thompson. 
  • The final Kardashian in this generation is Rob, who along with Blac Chyna had Dream, the only next generation kid to retain the last name Kardashian.”

And don’t forget the Jenners:

  • “First of all to get it out of the way, there are more Jenners than you realize. Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner actually has more kids with people who aren’t Kris than she does with Kris – did you know Caitlyn has four other children? Caitlyn and Chrystie Scott had two kids – Burt Jenner and Casey Marino. These two are relatively unknown. With Linda Thompson, Caitlyn had two slightly more well-known Jenners – Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner. Well, Brody’s fairly well known, anyway. But this branch of the family doesn’t have the billionaire brass, so while they are certainly noteworthy, they’re not the focus of this investigation.
  • Once she married Kris Kardashian – now Kris Jenner – the Jenner family grew by another two: Kylie and Kendall
  • Kylie with partner Travis Scott had daughter Stormi, last name Webster. 
  • Kendall is the only one in her generation to not have kids – yet.” 

And now, Stormi won’t be alone. With the Kardashian/Jenner legacy growing by the year, it won’t be long before the family can field not only its own basketball team, but its opposition as well. Whatever people’s opinions on the Kardashian/Jenner adults, everyone seems to agree that they make loving parents. Kylie has been a wonderful mom to Stormi, even if things with Scott are often a little rocky, and baby #2 is sure to have the same loving luck that his or her older sister has enjoyed as well. What a family to be born into!