The Baby Formerly Known as Wolf: Kylie Jenner’s Son Has a New Name

What's in a name? A lot, when you're a celebrity. Not only will you see that name plastered all over

The Baby Formerly Known as Wolf: Kylie Jenner's Son Has a New Name

What's in a name? A lot, when you're a celebrity. Not only will you see that name plastered all over the headlines – whether you're doing something very right or very wrong – but people will always connect you with whatever impression they have of that name.

Therefore, it's understandable when celebrity parents are extra careful about their kids' names. Some opt for off-the-wall unique names because they know their kid is going to stand out anyway, while others choose something more traditional or subdued.

When Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that their new baby boy was named Wolf Webster, few people batted an eyelash. But when Jenner later added a, "just kidding, we don't like that name after all" (in not so many words) fans began salivating for more information.

Now, some eagle-eye fans believe Jenner has dropped a hint as to what the baby boy's new name is.

Meet Wolf – Just Kidding!

When pregnant with their second child, Scott and Jenner faced their fair share of adversity. The Astroworld tragedy left Scott on the wrong side of public relations for months as many held him responsible for not stopping his performance even as people were trampled to death in the crowd before him.

Jenner and Scott focused on moving forward, and together they welcomed Baby-Formerly-Known-as-Wolf back in February.

So far, the pair has kept the baby mostly out of the spotlight, except for all this drama about his name.

For awhile, fans were convinced that the baby's new name was Angel, after Jenner appeared in a new Scott music video playing as an angel and holding a lamb. In addition, those close to the couple have been leaving angel emojis in comments about the mysterious baby boy, so fans said it makes sense that his hidden name may either be Angel – or related to Angel.

Celebuzz writes, "But Kylie’s recent Mother’s Day post has fans theorizing all over again.

In the clip, Kylie plays the song To Our Daughter, by the artist, My Best Friend Jacob."

Jacob is a strong name – but it seems a little underwhelming for the Jenner family, who tends towards strong names. For instance, Baby Mystery's older sister is named Stormi – which fits the Kardashian/Jenner clan a little more on the nose.

Jenner Struts her Stuff and Shares Images of The Baby Formerly Known as Wolf

While fans are busy speculating about the new baby's name, Jenner is out there enjoying life.

The reality star and businesswoman recently opened up about her struggles with post-partum depression in an effort to bring awareness and solidarity to the condition.

But it seems like the dark waters are behind Jenner as she was recently photographed frolicking on the beach in her flawless post-baby body, and she looks utterly at peace with herself. While that doesn't mean she's completely healed, it's a good sign that she's focusing on herself and what matters most.

In that infamous speculation-rife Mother's Day post, Jenner also gave fans a tantalizing glimpse at the new baby – well, his hand anyway.

Scott and Jenner will share both the baby's face and name when they're ready, and their commitment to privacy is commendable. In the meantime, fans will just have to speculate and guess and wait to see who gets it right.