In-Flight Luxury: La Maison Valmont Partners with Jet Edge

Flying can be a pain, both figuratively and literally. With long waits to check in, delays, and limited legroom, flying

La Maison Valmont

Flying can be a pain, both figuratively and literally. With long waits to check in, delays, and limited legroom, flying on many airlines can make you hope for a destination within driving distance. However, private aviation company Jet Edge has changed the game entirely. With convenience and comfort right at your fingertips, traveling for business or pleasure is easier than ever. Now, Jet Edge and its premier partnership with Montage International has stepped it up another notch, partnering with world-class personal care company La Maison Valmont. 

La Maison Valmont Takes to the Skies

La Maison Valmont

Have you ever been in the middle of a flight and thought, “While I’m sitting here, I should pamper myself”? Well, your day has arrived. Jet Edge, with its signature high-quality personal services and unbeatable private amenities, is now offering spa-quality amenities while cruising at 35,000 feet. La Maison Valmont, one of the world’s most esteemed skincare and fragrance companies, will now offer luxury skincare products for guests to “refresh and rejuvenate”. These products will be available to most guests, en route to Montage Hotels & Resorts, Pendry Hotels & Resorts, and Montage and Pendry Residences across the globe.

Jet Edge shares of the partnership; “As an exclusive partner of both Montage International spas and Jet Edge, aircraft owners and charter flyers will enjoy luxury skincare amenities courtesy of La Maison Valmont onboard Jet Edge flights to Montage and Pendry properties. La Maison Valmont conveys the inspiration and creativity of a multi-talented family through luxury, anti-aging skincare and fragrances with effectiveness, sensory and olfactory experiences, combined along with a virtuous passion for modern art. Known for its scientifically advanced skincare products that incorporate cutting-edge Swiss technological research, exclusive DNA molecules and glacial spring water for optimized skin, the Valmont Group has been helping women and men master the visible signs of ageing for over 30 years.”

La Maison Valmont Tackles Hospitality

La Maison Valmont isn’t just being a passenger on the road to travel and hospitality; they’ve also recently taken the step of breaking into the hospitality industry. La Maison Valmont has launched Les Residences Valmont, elite vacation opportunities for select guests around the world.

Locations for Les Résidences include Verbier, Switzerland, Hydra, Greece, Venice, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain. CELEB took a look at this extraordinary new venture when it was announced in June. “Per Hypebeast, ‘‘Les Résidences Valmont were created to share emotion and integrate the culture of hospitality into the magical world of Valmont,’ says Didier Guillon.’ The Verbier residence offers panoramic and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, and the decor borrows from African inspiration. The Hydra location will bring inside elements of the surrounding seascape, and the residence in Venice will pay homage to the 16th century home it’s built into, with antiques and the comfort of the ages. In Barcelona, Catalon culture will lend inspiration to the decor, with a modern touch.” 

Each unique destination will blend Valmont’s dedication to art and creativity with their knack for wellness and skincare.

Jet Edge and Montage International 

La Maison Valmont

Jet Edge has also been expanding beyond their realms, partnering with Montage International earlier this year. Forbes shares, “When Montage International’s chief sales & marketing officer Chris Hamaway lost a $100,000 villa booking at one of his resorts because the potential customer couldn’t secure enough airline seats and didn’t want to venture into the opaque world of private jet charters, he knew there was a need to find a private aviation partner.

While these alliances have become common, his three-year search led him to realize he needed something different. ‘We didn’t want to be one of 27 logos on a web page offering a 5% discount with a bunch of fine print,’ he says.”

The partnership between Montage and Jet Edge offers perks to both travelers and resort guests, allowing them discount options between the two as well as VIP amenities. Partnering with North America’s 9th largest for-hire jet company allows Montage guests a chance to make sure their travels will go off without a hitch. And if you’re staying at one of the Montage properties, chances are you’re a discerning guest with no desire to waste time or money.

Now, you can enjoy your ultra-luxury pampering with La Maison Valmont, on some of the world’s finest jets with Jet Edge, on your way to a Montage resort property around the world. It’s truly a combination of three of the greatest travel and hospitality brands, and it’s setting the bar high; sky-high, even.