La Neta Cocina Debuts ‘Let’s F*#k’n Brunch’ Series on Halloween

La Neta Cocina y Lounge: “unapologetically unique.” With a heart of Mexican food and all the flair and finesse of

La Neta Cocina

La Neta Cocina y Lounge: “unapologetically unique.” With a heart of Mexican food and all the flair and finesse of a modern eatery, La Neta is the ideal place to catch a brunch. And this Halloween, they’re debuting a brand new brunch series, wittily called, “Let’s F*#K’n Brunch.” We didn’t censor that name, it’s all part of the charm. With all the classic flavor and quality you expect from La Neta blended with a fun new take on the brunch menu, Let’s F*#k’n Brunch is the perfect place to take a break from the mid-morning chaos.

Let’s Fk’n Brunch

La Neta Cocina

If the name has you intrigued, just wait until you see the menu. The new brunch series was created by hospitality veteran Ryan Labbe, and it all kicks off on Halloween. What does a Let’s F*#k’n Brunch extravaganza include? Gastronomic delights, of course. When asked about the response to La Neta’s opening, Labbe shared, “The response has been great thus far. We have the normal opening kinks to still iron out but we are really paying attention to our guests’ responses and working hard to correct any issues. Overall we are very happy with the feedback.”

And guests are paying attention to every loving detail Labbe took the time to perfect; he adds, “they are noticing everything and it feels great.”


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Diving right into the ‘LFB’ menu, here are some of the delights diners can indulge in:

  • Breakfast Tostada: This tostada includes barbacoa, eggs, jack cheese and pickled vegetables.
  • Trash-Quiles: These evocatively-named menu items are made from fresh tortillas smothered with a proprietary blend of rojo sauce and finished with chicken tinga and eggs.
  • Pozole Verde:  Made from a warm bowl of pork, hominy, tortillas and cilantro.
  • Fried Truff Burger: A tortilla stuffed with beef, crispy tostada, brussel slaw and house made Truff Burger Sauce. If you’re curious about Truff, read CELEB‘s take on why everyone should know about the world’s most intriguing sauce. 
  • Shut the Cluck Up: A playful twist on chicken and waffles made with waffle bread pudding with Truff Hot Honey tossed fried chicken.
  • E.A.T.: Every millenial’s dream, E.A.T. is elote avocado toast. You read that right. The beloved breakfast staple is made with freshly baked and lightly toasted Bolillo with a generous spread of guacamole and topped with roasted street corn.
  • Cinnamon Toast Brunch: Get it? Punny name notwithstanding, this fresh challah bread with cinnamon and sugar item is sure to delight your sweet tooth.
  • Dholes: Puff pastry filled with pineapple, topped with lime icing and served with fresh berries.

And if you’re feeling a bit parched and want a drink? They’ve got you covered there too.

  • Key Lime Pie Float: Vodka, pineapple, melon liqueur and Jarritos lime soda.
  • Tamarindo Float: An artful blend of whiskey, Godiva chocolate liqueur and Jarritos tamarind soda.
  • Orange Whip Float: Orange liqueur, tequila and Jarritos orange soda.  
  • Smoking Rose Sangria: A unique and thoughtful cocktail crafted from smoked apples and pears, rose wine, a hint of vodka and cinnamon syrup. 

When asked, Labbe shared his favorite menu item, but it’s tough to pick amongst a smorgasbord of perfection: “I hate to be that guy to say ‘it’s all great’ but it honestly is. The chef team killed it. You’ll have to roll me out of brunch!! But if I had to pick it would be the Crunch Truff Wrap – aka the La Neta burger.”

La Neta Cocina y Lounge

La Neta Cocina

If brunch isn’t your thing, don’t worry. La Neta is the perfect place to dine in the evening as well.

Conceived of by Labbe, La Neta is more than just a gastronomic hotpot, it’s a carefully crated dining experience. The website sums up their goal; “La Neta, derived from the Mexican street slang for The Truth, is a modern approach on Mexican fare. The Truth is, everything you experience is unique, #UnapologeticallyUnique in fact. From our design to our food and beverage offerings, we remove you from your reality and immerse you in ours.”

Labbe explains the thought behind the name further; “[truth] is conveyed throughout the menu. I wanted the name to be smooth sounding and look sexy but still have a little edge to it.”

And as for the creative ‘LFB’ moniker? “We wanted the name to translate into ‘party’ without saying party. Plus everyone’s idea of ‘party’ brunch is different. It could be a family coming with the kids and crushing some mid-morning mimosas to a group waking up from a long night out looking to continue their festivities. LFB is like get up, get out and see where this takes you. A little bit for everyone!”

Chef Israel Castro takes the helm, dishing up Mexican classic favorites such as Flautas, Molotes, and cocktails created to delight. Each dish is classic with a dash – or a handful – of La Neta’s delightfully creative playful twists. Every menu item is both familiar and different enough to be truly spectacular. In a world full of options, La Neta has figured out how to stand out from the competition.

The Group Behind La Neta

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The group behind La Neta is 81/82. Founded by Labbe, 81/82 is a collaborative team of some of the best minds in the hospitality and restaurant industries who have been shaping Las Vegas for decades.

In a statement, the 81/82 team describes the group’s roots; [Labbe] began his career as a consultant working for hospitality pioneers such as The Light Group, Wynn, Hakkasan, and Drais curating and marketing events for a variety of different venues. The company has become pivotal in the development of the Las Vegas entertainment world. The customer experience has always been the number one priority with attention to detail in service, menu offering, and design choice with the guest in mind. The debut of 81/82’s collaborative efforts resulted in the creative partnership with Clique Hospitality resulting in 7 venues with partners such as The Cosmopolitan, The Palms, and Pendry San Diego. The company’s burgeoning success and following has spawned the debut of their first stand-alone restaurant and lounge, Mas Por Favor.” Now, La Neta Cocina y Lounge joins the family.

If you’re looking for a brunch that’s head and shoulders above its peers and whimsical enough to make the morning grind fun – head over to Let’s F*#k’n Brunch starting on Halloween. Brunch runs from 11AM to 3PM, to plan your midday meal, visit La Neta’s website.