La Quinta Resort & Club Palm Springs is Ideal Sporty Winter Getaway

With Winter on the approach and cold weather taking some of the joy out of outdoor romps, it’s that time

La Quinta Resort

With Winter on the approach and cold weather taking some of the joy out of outdoor romps, it’s that time of year when everyone starts dreaming of warm weather. Especially if you’re stuck in the Northernmost regions, by the middle of winter you’re probably already over the snow and ice and bone-chilling winds. So where does one go to get away from the cold? Where can you frolic among the green grass and warm breezes, play golf and tennis, and lounge in luxurious rooms with all the amenities you could dream of at your fingertips? We’re glad you asked. La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California, is the perfect place to escape the Winter chill and enjoy some sporty fun.  

Eisenhower Suite and Rooms of Luxurious Pampering

La Quinta Resort

Almost everyone has stayed at a La Quinta hotel over the years, but we promise you’ve never stayed in one like this. The La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs is a sprawling ode to luxury and class, with abundant amenities and decor that delights. Here are a few of the best room options if you’re thinking about making this your next Winter getaway:

  • The King Eisenhower Suite: We had to pull this one out specifically to talk about because – quite frankly – it’s in a class all its own. If you book this room, you won’t feel like you’re in a hotel; you’ll feel like you’ve been given your own luxuriously appointed apartment nestled in the heart of Palm Springs’ verdant paradise. This 1,600 square foot accommodation sleeps two and puts you just steps from the pool. With classic design that boasts rich dark woods, golden-brown hues and rich cream accents, you’ll immediately feel immersed in luxury. Light up one of the two fireplaces or relax in the spacious living area with ample seating; you can’t go wrong.
  • Rooms: Each room in the resort is thoughtfully decorated with a palette chosen to soothe and evoke thoughts of opulence without being over the top. Golds, warm reds, cream whites, and other rich colors blend with dark wood and beautiful views to make every room the perfect place to relax. 
  • Suites: Some of the suite options are true suites and others are villas, with everything from multi-room suites with poolside convenience to haciendas with their own private pools and gorgeous exposed wood beam ceilings. 

Each accommodation at the Palm Springs La Quinta has guest comfort and enjoyment forefront in the focus. 

Golf, Racquetball, and So Much More

La Quinta Resort

But after you awaken in your luxurious room and start planning your day, what’s your next stop? It should probably be the golf courses or one of the racquet sport courts, because La Quinta is the sportsman’s playground.  

Here are some of the wonderful sports amenities at your fingertips if you stay at La Quinta:

  • 8 pickleball courts.
  • 16 world-class hard courts.
  • 5 clay tennis courts with talented pros available for instruction.
  • 5 golf courses.
  • 41 temperature-controlled pool.
  • Croquet.

Did that say 41 pools? It did indeed. Are you de-icing your car and rushing to the airport to head to Palm Springs yet? We are too! 

And with the rise in popularity in pickleball, it makes sense that the Professional Pickleball Association Masters Tournament is coming to La Quinta on November 10-14, so plan on hopping by if your heart is on the pickleball court. 

La Quinta Resort & Club

La Quinta Resort

Whether you’re pool-hopping (seriously, 41!), teeing off, or sipping coffee in your elegant private retreat, La Quinta staff will make sure to meet every need. Three onsite restaurants and a café give guests several options to choose from to take their tastebuds on their own travel getaway. With a spa, salon, and other world-class amenities, here’s what you need to know about a stay at La Quinta Resort Palm Springs:

  • Spa La Quinta: A full-menu spa, Spa La Quinta offers a variety of treatment options with a focus on effective technology and rejuvenating skincare, beautification, peace, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for calming, a sports massage, or even a pregnancy massage – they’ve got you covered. From the waist down, as well!
  • Salon: Everyone wants to look their best on vacation, and now you don’t even have to leave the resort to get your dream look. With a full service nail salon and hair salon, you can tend to your fingers and toes or get some Summer color to bring home to your freezing neighbors. 
  • Dining: You can choose between a grab-and-go food option, two casual dining experiences and a fine dining experience. Adobe Grill offers Mexican grill favorites along with a wondrous 100 tequila brands to choose between. Twenty6 offers comfort food with a creative twist. The vibe is that of an American bistro with an upscale flair. Morgan’s in the Desert is a fine dining option for those looking for a bit of a gastronomic upgrade. This restaurant boasts contemporary American cuisine inspired by the “bounty of the Coachella Valley.” All of the dining options use locally-sourced food to craft delightful dishes. 

So which is your goal: a sportsman’s vacation, hitting the course, court, or pool – or a zen spa retreat, wrapping yourself in luxury and elegance? At La Quinta Resort & Club Palm Springs, you don’t have to choose – you can have it all. Head over to the website to plan and book your stay.