Lady Gaga Brings Chromatica to Dom Perignon and the Fierce Collab is Something to See

This week, Lady Gaga proved once again that she can conquer any medium, any campaign. The pop superstar, whose real

Lady Gaga Dom Perignon

This week, Lady Gaga proved once again that she can conquer any medium, any campaign. The pop superstar, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, announced a collaboration with world-class brand Dom Pérignon. Bringing her Chromatica album to stunning and vivid life for the campaign, Gaga wowed fans in an Instagram post Wednesday. This collaboration is the newest in a long line for Gaga that cement her in place at the top of pop history—and prove that she’s only going up.

Gaga + Dom? Absolutely!

Lady Gaga Dom Perignon

On Wednesday, Gaga announced on Instagram the new campaign—and fans immediately cheered. Chromatica is an album in a dark time that speaks to the parts of our souls that seek art, color, creativity, and life to combat pain. The image Gaga posted for the collaborative announcement is visually stunning—an appropriately crown-topped Gaga in shades of blue, red, pink, and purple, clutches a signature Dom Pérignon bottle.

People shares, “The pop superstar’s latest collaboration is with Dom Pérignon, which she announced in an Instagram video on Wednesday morning.

In the promotional image, Gaga is holding a 2006 vintage sparkling rosé in a deep purple-tinted bottle—although there is no word yet on what her limited-edition bottles will look like. She also teases an upcoming film for the announcement, which was made in collaboration with artist Nick Knight and debuts on April 6.

‘Their tradition is centuries old, but they push their own boundaries and find ways to reinvent themselves completely,’ she said in the Instagram video announcement. ‘And I am thrilled that we will be able to celebrate this together.’”

A release from the Champagne maker says, “Today, more than ever, the world needs the power of creative freedom. A force to open up new horizons, to move us forward. A force that brings Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon together for a collaboration.

This is the celebration of how pushing boundaries of creation, constant reinvention and passionate dedication to one’s craft can elevate us, individually and collectively. Starting April 6, in the shape of an artistic project comprising an advertising campaign by Nick Knight, limited edition bottles and a sculpture designed by Lady Gaga … emerges an invitation to enter the shared universe of two iconic creators.

Because Dom Pérignon wholeheartedly embraces the causes of the artists it collaborates with, this alliance will empower meaningful support for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

The Born This Way Foundation aims at fostering a kinder world.

Billboard reports that the ability to buy a stunning purple Gaga Dom is still a week away, but it’ll be worth the wait – and then some!

Gaga’s Brand Grows with Every New Collab

Gaga’s collaboration with Dom Pérignon is another check mark in her book of success. The pop queen has previously launched her own makeup line and even collaborated with beloved cookie brand Oreos to promote Chromatica. Gaga’s Haus Laboratories collab launched in September 2020 to resounding success. Jewel-toned and made of vegan, earth-friendly materials, the makeup line has quickly become a popular staple in any makeup lover’s bag.

The ChromaticaOreos from the beloved star raised some eyebrows—pink wafers filled with green icing are not, after all, usual fare for Oreos. But with its signature favorite flavor and the design genius of Gaga, the cookies were quickly a hit after their January launch. Oreos is also sending proceeds from purchase to support the Born This Way Foundation.

The Gaga brand just keeps growing—in new, surprising, and impressive ways.

Gaga’s Vegas Residency

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But Gaga isn’t just conquering the world of brands and collaborations, she’s also been awarded a vaunted Las Vegas residency at Park MGM. While the residency was placed on pause due to COVID, it’s likely to resume soon.

When the pop queen takes the stage in Vegas again it will be one more sign that she’s on top of her game—and there’s certainly more to come.