Lala Kent Celebrated 31st Birthday in Miami With Randall Emmett

Lala Kent turned 31 last week, and celebrated with fiancé Randall Emmett and friends in sunny Miami. But the “Vanderpump

Lala Kent

Lala Kent turned 31 last week, and celebrated with fiancé Randall Emmett and friends in sunny Miami. But the “Vanderpump Rules” star didn’t stop there; she had a glamorous birthday photoshoot, and even released new makeup to celebrate. Kent’s 31st is like no birthday she’s ever had before; this time, she’s a mom. CELEB takes a look at the big birthday celebration, new makeup, and what this birthday has meant to her as a mom to beautiful Ocean.

Birthday Bash in Miami with Randall and Friends


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Kent boarded a plane to Miami with Emmett to celebrate her 31st birthday in some warm East Coast sun. Along for the ride were former Vanderpump Rules co-stars Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor. While in MIA, Kent stopped by David Grutman‘s Komodo for a round of shots with her besties. Kent, who’s 2 years sober, sipped on pineapple juice.

From there they headed to the clubs to enjoy an electric night on the town. Emmett shared pictures of himself and Kent cradling their beautiful baby daughter Ocean between them, on the deck of a yacht. Emmett also shared pictures of Kent and Cartwright relaxing on the yacht with their babies, looking to be having the time of their lives in the warm Summer breeze off the coast of Miami.

There’s nothing quite like a Miami birthday, and Kent, Emmett, and their pals looked to be enjoying every single moment of it. Between fine dining, some of the best clubs in the world, and a relaxed but invigorating beach town atmosphere, Miami was the perfect place to Kent to mark a milestone in her life; her first birthday after giving birth to daughter Ocean.

Being a Mom

Lala Kent

Ocean isn’t the first child that Kent cares for, fiancé Emmett has two children whom she cares for as well. But Ocean is her first biological child, and the pregnancy was a scary path to tread.

Per the Daily Mail, “Kent said she experienced bleeding and placenta problems early in her pregnancy.

‘At six weeks, I started bleeding,’ the blonde beauty wrote. ‘I went to the emergency room, already knowing what they could tell me. They took me into a room for an ultrasound and I laid there quietly. … For the first time, I heard the pitter patter of my baby’s heartbeat. ‘Your baby is still there.’

The star, who announced her pregnancy in September 2020, became nervous.

‘For the next three weeks, I would continue to randomly bleed and each time, I would call my OB and be beside myself. Although bleeding during pregnancy isn’t normal, it is common. My bleeding was the result of a clot. I was put on bed rest until it was gone,’ Kent added.”

Each day was an agonizing wait as Ocean’s due date crept closer, and Kent was glad for every week she stayed pregnant and her baby girl stayed healthy. Ocean was born in March, making this a very different birthday for Kent. Kent spent last year worried about her baby’s survival, and noted the difference that a single year makes. On Instagram, Kent shared an image of herself holding baby Ocean with the caption, “Last year at this time, I was about 11 week pregnant. I started bleeding on the day of my birthday. I stayed in bed praying to God that the human my body was in the process of creating, was okay. Thankfully, she was. I’ve had many amazing birthdays. I’ve had many blessings in my lifetime. Ocean Kent is my greatest one. Here we are, a year later, on my birthday… & It’s the best one yet. This is 31.”

New Makeup?!


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And that photo of her and Ocean comes from a photoshoot for her birthday, where Kent poses beautifully with cakes, a gold crown, and a stunning pink wig. If you didn’t know she’d just have a baby, you never would know; her post-baby body is flawless, and she looks radiant and confident in the photoshoot.

But the photoshoot had a purpose beyond showing how absolutely jaw-dropping Kent is looking; it was in celebration of her new birthday makeup line for Give Them Lala Beauty.

On September 2nd, Kent shared a picture of herself looking radiant with the caption, “It’s my f cking birthday!!! I’m bringing in 31 with my Birthday Palette! It’s ready for you now at“.

And what does that birthday palette offer? 9 new rich, creamy shades with vibrant colors including:

  • 1990, a soft white with a barely-there pink tint.
  • Virgo Baby, a delicate pink shade that edges on Nude.
  • 31, a rich marigold.
  • 1:23PM, a soft baby pink.
  • Cry Baby, a rich rose pink.
  • Frosted, a vibrant hot pink.
  • Lauren, an unapologetic baby blue.
  • Be Kind, sky blue.
  • Eat Cake, a vibrant royal blue that offers a breathtaking contrast to Frosted, above.

The palette runs $42 and started shipping out September 7th.

Also noteworthy last week: the date of the season 9 premiere for Vanderpump Rules. Kent and the rest of the cast will return September 28th at 9PM EST on Bravo.