Lana Condor Admits She Felt ‘Horrible Mentally’ And ‘Burned Out’ After The Release Of ‘TATBILB’

Just two years after To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before came out, Lana Condor has opened up about the immense

Lana Condor TATBILB

Just two years after To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before came out, Lana Condor has opened up about the immense amount of pressure she felt from playing Lara Jean Covey. Yep, the main star of the series just admitted that she felt “horrible mentally” and “burned out” right after the first flick in the series premiered, due to the over-stimulation. At the time, the star was also filming a now-canceled TV series called Deadly Class, and she explained during a new interview with Self Magazine that the major differences between the two characters that she was playing made things really hard for her.

“I’ve never felt more horrible mentally. I was so burned out,” she said. “I would go home at night and I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I would shake going to bed and shake waking up because it was just so much stimulation.”

But when the actress shared her struggles with her team, they were able to help her.

“They were all shocked because I wasn’t open about my feelings. No one knew. When I had that conversation with them, it was like a new beginning,” Condor continued. “They really have helped me navigate the industry now in a much more healthy way, where I feel like I can do what I love and also be the person that I want to be for myself.”

Her Boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, Also Helped Her Get Through The Rough Times

TATBILB Lana Condor

For those who don’t know, Condor has been dating a guy named Anthony De La Torre for five years now, and his support also helped her get through the rough times.

“Never once has he ever held me back,” she told the outlet. “He always just wants the best for my future. He wants to be a part of it.”

The 23-year-old explained that he does so many sweet little gestures for her, and that makes it easier. She added, “Anthony, every night or every morning, folds my PJs and tucks them under my pillow so that I don’t have to go looking for them. That to me is the biggest expression of love. That’s so much better than, I don’t know, a hot air balloon.”  

Lana Condor Admitted That She Suffers From Body Dysmorphia

During the interview, the Netflix star admitted that she suffers from body dysmorphia, and it started long before she was famous. It turns out, she was a ballet dancer when she was younger, and it had a big effect on her body image.

“When you see yourself in a mirror constantly, and you’re, like, wearing nothing, you can really just nitpick yourself to death, which is so unhealthy,” Condor admitted. “When I stopped doing ballet and classes, I felt like that was the beginning of where I could start working on the body dysmorphia…[that] was the beginning of, Okay, I definitely need to heal because the way that I thought about myself when I was dancing was not healthy.”

And although she’s doing better now, it’s still something she struggles with. The brunette beauty continued, “I’m not in a place where I can say, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s over.’ I have to work on it every single day.”

Condor explained that she’s tried to slow down recently, and focus on staying healthy.

“Working out in a healthy way has helped a lot because it makes me feel good,” she said. “It makes me feel stronger. I used to work out constantly. Just go, go, go. And that was so unhealthy for me. So now I’m trying to do things that I just genuinely love and not in an overt, burnout way. You have to treat yourself like your best friend. You would never tell your best friend the things that you say to yourself in your darkest times. You would never in a million years. I think that we have to talk to ourselves kindly and gently.”

What Else Has Lana Condor Been Up To Lately?

Lana Condor Actor

Despite her attempt to not overwhelm herself, Condor has actually been pretty busy lately. She’s currently got three new films in the works, including the upcoming third and final TATBILB movie — Always and Forever, Lara Jean. And since the flicks are actually based off of a three-part book series written by Jenny Han, we have a pretty good idea about what’s going to go down in the final movie. Here’s a synopsis for the third book:

“Lara Jean is having the best senior year a girl could ever hope for. She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Peter; her dad’s finally getting remarried to their next door neighbor, Ms. Rothschild; and Margot’s coming home for the summer just in time for the wedding. But change is looming on the horizon.”

Condor also revealed that her character is going to do a lot of growing up in the upcoming flick.

“She really starts to make decisions for herself that might be unpopular but I think at the end of the day, as a young woman, you have to protect your own heart and make the decisions that are truly right for you regardless of the other people around you,” the actress explained. “Lara Jean loves love and she loves the guys, but at the end of the day, I know that she’s good on her own as well. We’ll see. It’s very satisfying, like, ‘Yes, girl! Get your life!’”

She also said it was her favorite movie out of all three!

“We ended on a really, really good note,” the star told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m forever grateful for the character and I’m really excited for people to see the third movie because I think the third one is my favorite movie out of the three. I think we’ve watched Lara Jean and myself grow up through these movies and I’m proud of the way that we end with her. I’m hopeful for her future. I see a bright future for her, and I know that she’s gonna go off and occupy her space and do the things that she loves. Particularly in the third movie you see a lot of personal growth from Lara Jean.”

She concluded, “Our movies are romantic comedies, so they are a lot about the guys, but I do believe that the third movie is truly about Lara Jean. It’s not about, oh, is she gonna pick a guy and all the love triangles all these things, which are great. But I think we also need to focus on who she is as a young woman and what she’s gonna do with her future. She’s going off to college and everything, so it does feel like a proper ending.”

We can’t wait to see it! There’s unfortunately no official release date for it just yet, but Janel Parrish (who played Margot Covey in the movies) gave us some insight on when it will hit screens while chatting with Entertainment Tonight in October 2020.

“We’ll be happy to give people content with To All the Boys 3. I believe it’s going to come out in the beginning of the year,” she said. “I think that’s the plan, but yeah, I’m really excited for people to see that. It’s a wonderful closing of the chapter for Lara Jean. Her graduation is coming up and it’s another big life moment for her. Another transition in her chapter.”