On the Rise: Lane Krai Talks Nightlife at Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World Las Vegas is one of the most ambitious projects to grace Las Vegas in decades. Massive in scope

Lane Krai

Resorts World Las Vegas is one of the most ambitious projects to grace Las Vegas in decades. Massive in scope and encompassing a wide variety of entertainment and hospitality genres, RWLV is a small city unto itself. But it didn’t just spring from the desert ground fully imagined, and its day-to-day workings require guidance from a strong and capable hand. CELEB chats with Lane Krai, nightlife and lifestyle marketing manager at Resorts World, about who he is and how he helped bring this mammoth creation to life.

Lane Krai Before Zouk

Lane Krai

Despite his comfort with the requirements and easy way of living the nightlife job as though he was born to it, Krai hasn’t always lived in Las Vegas. Krai explains his childhood and how he came to Las Vegas, “I was born and raised in Los Angeles, then attended the University of Oklahoma to experience life outside of Southern California for the first time. I studied marketing at the Price College of Business, where life was typical of that of a college student: going to class, socializing with friends, attending football games and studying all night.”

Krai took vital lessons from his time at college, lessons which would help him become the shrewd and capable team member he is now; “My time in Oklahoma taught me how to be completely independent, make my own decisions and develop a career path. After graduation, I moved back to Las Vegas where I started working for Resorts World Las Vegas.”

And Krai has advice for people just starting out, learned while stretching his legs on Prince College’s campus: “While at the University of Oklahoma, I learned that it’s your own responsibility to take control of your life—only you are in charge of your happiness and the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Having a positive attitude is one of the most important tools in the workplace. Taking on each day with a good outlook and having gratitude will only open you up to more opportunities.”

Krai adds, “The best advice I can give someone about to graduate college is to not hesitate when given opportunities to pursue your goals and to take risks. The regret of not taking advantage of opportunities is one of my biggest fears. Another piece of advice I’d give is to not stress if you don’t have everything in your life figured out right when you graduate. I came to Resorts World Las Vegas and began with the human resources department to get my foot in the door. I took the opportunity to learn and grow while seeing the bigger picture on what the opportunity could lead to. I took a leap and stopped by the Zouk offices to meet and introduce myself to the team. This lead to me assisting the Zouk team with multiple projects—I helped where I could to show my positive attitude and eagerness to learn. A few months later, I was offered the brand marketing manager position. The best advice I can give young professionals is to just go for it and take risks. Figure out who the best people are to get in touch with at the various properties, reach out to them and build connections. At the end of the day, you are in charge of your life and can shape it how you want, but you have to be aggressive and focused on your goals. It’s crucial to put yourself out there.” 

Bringing Resorts World to Life

Being a part of something like Resorts World Las Vegas is a dream many can imagine, but few can achieve. So what was it like to be a part of the team who brought it all together? “Opening the resort and Ayu Dayclub was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I feel fortunate to have played a role in it. After assisting with developing the Zouk brands and concepts for several months and watching construction come together, the opening was a very exciting and bittersweet time as we closed the pre-operating chapter and moved to the new stage of operations. I wake up grateful every day for being a part of something so monumental for this city so early on in my career—something that very few people get to experience in their lifetime.”

And Krai has learned a lot from his time at Resorts World. Surrounded by one of the world’s best hospitality teams, Krai wakes up every day immersed in a unique and exciting career, and learning from his peers. Krai explains, “In just a short time, I’ve learned many great lessons from my peers at Zouk. Ronn Nicolli, the vice president of lifestyle marketing for Resorts World Las Vegas and vice president of nightlife for Zouk Group, has been a great mentor to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity Ronn has given me by trusting me to take on the role I’m in and assist with opening these amazing Zouk concepts. One of the best lessons he’s taught me is to focus on the bigger picture and always be strategic in any decision you make. Jared Garcia and Zarnaz ‘Zee’ Zhandi have both taken me under their wings and constantly teach me the ins and outs of the industry since they are seasoned veterans. I’m so thankful to be working with some of the best in the business and wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything.”  

Plans for the Future

Lane Krai

As you can imagine, being a nightlife and lifestyle marketing manager for such a massive project means Krai’s days are often jam-packed. But when you love what you do, it’s a joy to go to work. Krai shares his day-to-day; “A day in the life of my job includes waking up and jumping right into meetings. When Ayu is closed (Monday to Wednesday), we work from our offices and strategize, plan and regroup on upcoming events. Event days are very fast paced and thrilling. We work in the office in the morning, then when AYU opens in the afternoon, we capture content, host guests and focus on operations to ensure everything is running smoothly. It’s always nonstop, but I think that’s the best kind of work environment.”

But what does Resorts World’s nightlife manager have planned for the future? More of what he’s doing now, on an ever upward trajectory. It’s clear that Krai loves his job, and that passion shines through his work, making Resorts World’s nightlife a truly singular and beautiful machine that provides guests the best entertainment and experience around. Krai shares his thoughts on the future, “My goal is to continue following the path I’m on and see where it takes me. I’m so lucky to be where I am at my age and am looking forward to discovering where this career leads. I love the work I’m doing at Zouk, so for now I’m just taking it day by day. A concrete future goal is to be a director or vice president of a department at Resorts World Las Vegas.”

Krai looks forward to the opening of Zouk Nightclub this Fall. Zouk Nightclub is 36,000-square-foot venue that will become the most technologically advanced nightclub on the Strip, featuring performances from top names in the music industry like Zedd, Tïesto, Jack Harlow, Becky G and many more. Krai describes it as, “a work of art,” that will cement Zouk Group as the new nightlife leader in Las Vegas. 

While that may seem like an ambitious goal, it’s entirely in line with the things they’ve already accomplished. After all, Krai’s favorite memory from the opening of Resorts World is already one of Vegas’s greatest nights; “My fondest memory of Zouk so far is the grand opening of Ayu Dayclub on July 4. This event came after months of preparation and many sleepless nights, countless hours of work and excitement for what was to come. This was a very special moment because we were finally seeing Ayu come together after months of development and planning. Celebrating the opening of Ayu with performances from major names like Zedd, Tiesto, Miley Cyrus, Martinez Brothers, Sita and so many more, was incredible. Miley Cyrus’ performance and the resort’s epic firework show was something I will never forget; the feeling of reaching this milestone while also getting a glimpse into the future of what’s to come for Zouk and Resorts World Las Vegas will resonate with me forever.”

And now that Resorts World is open, Krai has other projects to focus on, like growing RedTail, the social gaming bar, and offering cool new programming along with a karaoke experience in the upcoming weeks. Krai adds, “Now that doors are open, my top priority is to continue building on the success of the resort and the Zouk venues through brand awareness.” 

With all that Krai and the Resorts World team has accomplished so far, Vegas—and the world- has a lot to look forward to.