New Las Vegas Influencer Superstar Has Arrived: Meet Pepper the Hippo

A brand new gentleman's club with an elevated experience is opening in Las Vegas this weekend. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas

New Las Vegas Influencer Superstar Has Arrived: Meet Pepper the Hippo

A brand new gentleman's club with an elevated experience is opening in Las Vegas this weekend. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is an industry-leading venue that opens its doors April 2, and it's a strip club – but so much more. However, in the hustle and bustle of the approaching Grand Opening, a superstar has emerged: Pepper the Hippo. CELEB takes a look at this new influencer starting to make the rounds online, and the Instagram page you'll want to start following.

Pepper the Hippo – She’s Round and Feisty

At a gentleman's club, it's easy to feel like everyone around you is a star. From the women who provide the entertainment to the men who are treated like kings, everyone at Peppermint Hippo in Las Vegas is bound to feel like a VIP. However, there's one VIP who's found a home at the soon-to-open venue, and you won't want to miss this classy broad.

Meet: Pepper the Hippo. Some might call her a statue, and sure – she is. But she's so much more than that. A symbol, an icon – an inspiration; these are all words that fit for the effervescent Pepper. The star statue is only a few weeks old, but she's already started her own Instagram page – and it's full of delicious snark, and a few thoughtful life lessons.

Pepper was assembled on site over a 7-day period, and a time-lapse video on the Peppermint Hippo website reveals her donning her sparkling frame and polishing up to welcome guests. And now that she's perfect and ready to greet everyone at the Grand Opening, she's filling her hours waiting with her Instagram. Here are some of the nuggets of humor and wisdom Pepper has dropped so far:

  • Rear-View Mirror-like Hippo: Two days ago, Pepper shared a shot of her sparkly hindquarters with the sassy caption, "It’s true my a– is real. You don’t believe me? Touch it. I work hard for this booty. I’m not hating on all you white woman who are Brazilian all of the sudden. I applaud that you want to be cultured, but I actually know things about the Amazon. It’s my home. And now I will share my booty with you so you can feel even more injected with life.- PH"
  • No Rhinoplasty, I'm a Hippo! : And one day ago, Pepper paused to address the rumors that she had some work done on her nose: "Ummmm… my nose is real. I would never get a Rhinoplasty (that’s ghetto, especially during the lunch shift). 100% pure organic hippo who loves to swim in the @caesarspalace fountain on my downtime – after @omnianightclub visits of course (thank you @jasonstrauss). Anyway, I’ll see you on my birthday April 2, 2022 after you get appropriately intoxicated @taobeach. And for those of you who don’t know me – my name is Pepper and I’m a hippopotamus, just letting you know now before I become famous like @celinedion. She gets me.- PH"
  • Purple Glow: Yesterday, Pepper posed in an ethereal and electric neon purple glow to drop a reminder that her birthday is almost here, "Here we go, like a Hippo . Come to my birthday party tomorrow. Oh and the difference between me and #dubai – I will not poop on you… just in case you were wondering, I wonder a lot when I see those women out there too. Very suspectxual.- PH"

Pepper has also dropped some wisdom about life, marriage, and a brief reminiscing of her time at Disney (just a joke – probably). It's the best influencer page to drop this year, and to follow Pepper and her playful pursuits – visit her Instagram page.

Peppermint Hippo – It’s here

What Pepper and her pals are all getting ready for is the Grand Opening of Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas. The gentleman's club opens April 2, and it provides the kind of upscale experience guests have come to expect from the Peppermint Hippo brand.

Not content with the dark, seedy and outdated atmosphere at most gentleman clubs, Alan Chang decided to be the change he wished to see in the industry. In 2016, Chang started gathering the reputation, friends, and skills he would need to bring Peppermint Hippo to life. In 2019, Chang was a VIP host with extensive experience and know-how, and it was time to take the leap into his own brand.

Even though it opened just before the pandemic struck, Peppermint Hippo was an instant success and has continued to grow with six other locations. When guests walk into the new Las Vegas Peppermint Hippo, they'll find an elevated VIP venue that provides entertainment and enjoyment – beyond your wildest expectations. For the Grand Opening, the ribbon cutting ceremony kicks off at 7PM and an open bar runs from 9-11PM. Get ready for a photo op with Pepper herself – and a night of fun. With a VIP experience, excellent food and drinks, and some merch to remember you visit by – you won't want to miss this new Las Vegas hotspot. For more information or to plan your evening, visit the website.