Las Vegas Knows No Limits And Brian Shapiro Pushes Them With His New Radio Show

Brian Shapiro is the ever-so-popular radio host in Las Vegas, Nevada well known for his honest banter about the world

Brian Shapiro is the ever-so-popular radio host in Las Vegas, Nevada well known for his honest banter about the world and well, every detail within it. Shapiro previously hosted a radio show titled ‘The Vegas Take,’ for nine years. He now hosts ‘Pushing the Limits,’ which has become his new platform for speaking on topics including sports, pop culture, politics, and really anything else. Shapiro challenges his guests and his listeners with his sometimes controversial take on a variety of subject matters that keep the world buzzing. CELEB had the opportunity to dig more into the mind of Shapiro, his take on Vegas [and more], and how he pushes the limits in the media industry.

Shapiro Takes Vegas

Vegas radio show
Courtesy of Brian Shapiro

“People ask me, ‘So tell me about your show.’ My best response is, ‘Well, one segment we can have the First Lady on, and the next segment we can have a porn star on.'”

Shapiro got his first job in radio as a reporter directly out of college (where majored in communications) while living in his home state of Connecticut. He’s been on the air for about 20 years, his past nine years being in Vegas. For the first 10 years of hi radio career in vegas was a reporter for a weekly sports show. However, being an opinionated person in a position that didn’t allow for many opinions, he eventually found himself to be unhappy.

“About 9-10 years ago I said ‘you know, I gotta figure out a way to do my own thing. I gotta do a show that covers it all. Sports, politics….'” He continued, “nobody’s doing that. Not just in Vegas but in the country. It’s either sports or it’s a political show. And, I wanted to do both.” This thought process was what inspired ‘The Vegas Take.’ It was on 670 which, at the time, was a sports station. Flying solo, Shapiro hosted guests like the First Lady, Lebron James, and Oscar De La Hoya. Some stories even caught the eyes of TMZ. Shapiro shared, “I did an interview with Oscar De La Hoya when [Donald] Trump was running for president. De La Hoya told me a story about how Trump cheated on the golf course. TMZ bought that story from me and the next day Trump was asked that in a press conference.”

Growing into a new self, Shapiro separated himself from ‘The Vegas Take’ and found himself creating a show that’s entirely his. “Came up with the name ‘Pushing the Limits,’ which is kind of like what I did. Started at a small station here. Very nice people. It’s called KSHP Radio. It’s an AM talk station here in town, 1400.” And, along with their radio presence is their social media presence. ‘Pushing the Limits’ also goes live on YouTube and Twitter. “I get a lot of big political figures but I also get a lot of big sports figures.” Shapiro laughed, “the guests I get are of a wide variety.”

Pushing the Limits

Vegas Radio Show
Courtesy of Brian Shapiro

Although living in 2022, being “canceled” is something that Shapiro doesn’t fear. The longtime host delivers an opinion from a different perspective that some actually call “a breath of fresh air.”

“I think there’s a line. We shouldn’t ever be allowed to say something racist or homophobic. There’s a certain line that you should never be able to cross.” Adding in, “You shouldn’t be allowed to incite violence. Which I will never do.”

Shapiro explained to CELEB, “Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. And, I don’t like ‘cancel culture’ either. We’re all entitled to our opinion but I just don’t like it when people say things that can hurt people.”

‘Pushing the Limits’ allows Shapiro to speak without the boundaries that he previously had at other stations. “I feel like at the last show, even though I pretty much said what I wanted to, there were always consequences with management. I’m not afraid anymore. I just go in and do my thing.” The Vegas resident is building this new station from the ground up and finding his audience by talking about all news- good news, bad news, and things that people want to talk about and hear about. What Shapiro calls “Radio ADD.”