Rent The Tesla Experience Through Resorts World Las Vegas

As the world keeps on spinning and advancements to our society are made, all we can do is try and

Rent The Tesla Experience Through Resorts World Las Vegas

As the world keeps on spinning and advancements to our society are made, all we can do is try and keep up. Back To The Future prepared us for flying cars in 2013 and although we aren't there quite yet, we have the next best thing- self-driving cars, A.K.A Tesla's.

"Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn't need to compromise to drive electric- that electric vehicles can be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars," reads their website. Did you raise your eyebrow at the year 2003 too? That's most likely because it wasn't until 2016 that Tesla released its third model, Model 3, which is their more affordable priced, high-volume electric vehicle that began production in 2017. This model is what changed the game because it made an all-electric car with a 5-star safety rating across every category accessible to more people hence, making the brand more popular and well-known.

Tesla is continuing to make products that are accessible and affordable to more and more people to propel our world towards clean transport and energy production. Most recently, the first ever carbon neutral car rental company is on the map in Las Vegas, Nevada. Resorts World Las Vegas announced their partnership with EVolve Rentals who allows guests the opportunity to rent a Tesla during their stay.

A Tesla Rental A Day Keep Global Warming Away

EVolve Rentals is making a conscious effort to offset the carbon footprint associated with each trip. When renting a Tesla through their service they provide a "Rent One, Plant One" guarantee. What that means is, for every car rented, a tree is planted in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. This non-profit organization works with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale. Doing so creates jobs, protects the ecosystem, and mitigates climate change. So far they have produced, planted, and protected 900 million trees, have 266 project sites in ten countries, and 11,500 plus employees empowered with fair wages.

John Marino, EVolve President, says, "There are more electric vehicles on the road now than ever before. The EVolve mission is to provide current and potential electric car owners the option to rent an electric vehicle while traveling. The company seeks to offset the current energy crisis and provide a carbon neutral experience through our unique sustainability program."

Resorts World Las Vegas X EVolve Rentals

The exclusive car rental company is headquartered in Las Vegas and recently announced its partnership with Resorts World. The luxury property feature 3,500 plus guest rooms and suites, an innovative, next-generation gaming floor, world-class food and beverage options, a 5,000-capacity theatre, distinct nightlife venues, a curated retail collection of designer and boutique shops, and more. With that being said, it only makes sense for them to be the pioneers of this new generation of car rental services.

This collaboration is the first of its kind, the Strip's first 100% carbon neutral car rental service. Guests will have the opportunity to conveniently rent a premium electric vehicle during their stay in Sin City. And let's be real, who doesn't want to experience a Tesla?

Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World Las Vegas, stated, "Here at Resorts World Las Vegas, we're always looking for new and exciting experiences to provide our guests." He continued, "Giving visitors the opportunity to conveniently rent a Tesla is a great way to enhance their rental experience and add to our overall efforts to provide guests with sustainable options across the resort."

Guests will have multiple options presented to them when booking their rental. Daily rates begin at $199 with choices of the Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model Y, Model X and more. Renters can also upgrade their experience to a full self-driving Tesla or a Performance or Plaid enhancement, Tesla's high-performance packages.

As for the action of actually booking a Tesla rental, it's fairly simple. Guests can book and electric car online and also visit the EVolve Rentals desk located in the District, across from Carversteak.