Le Germain Hotel in Montreal Reveals Stunning New Facade

Le Germain in downtown Montreal has a new face. The beautiful modern-looking hotel has a new exterior upgrade, and it’s

Le Germain

Le Germain in downtown Montreal has a new face. The beautiful modern-looking hotel has a new exterior upgrade, and it’s turning heads as artist Michelle Hoogveld created the massive mural masterpiece to cover the building’s front. The mural is part of the 2021 Mural Arts Program introduced with the idea of jazzing up certain parts of the city and revitalizing other parts in need of some artistic love. The Germain’s new face is beautiful and inspiring, lending brilliant color blending and design to the hotel’s after-renovation glamor. 

Dazzle My Heart

Michelle Hoogveld

The new mural is massive in scope, stretching over 171 feet in the air and covering all but the windows and topmost part of the building’s front. Hoogveld created it using 80 colors, and painted for the first time suspended on platforms that was suspended from the roof of Le Germain. The name of the mural is “Dazzle My Heart,” and it’s fitting as the brilliant colors and sweeping design is indeed dazzling. 

Hoogveld stayed in Le Germain for a week prior to starting the project, getting a feel for the hotel and the city’s vibe. Hoogveld, a Calgary native, says of the immersive experience per Yahoo!; “‘It allowed me to soak up the energy of the hotel and add these new feelings to my mural. It’s even more emotionally charged,’ adds the artist, who uses colour to convey her emotions.”

The inspiration for the design came quickly, after Hoogveld visited Montreal in late 2020. The Germain Hotels website shares the story of the mural’s origin: “It was also during that visit that the artist met the organizers of the MURAL festival who just a few days after offered her to be part of an ambitious project: to decorate the Le Germain Hotel Montreal with a huge colorful mural.

‘They asked me if I was able to produce a design in less than 24 hours, she recalls. It was a very tight deadline, but the project was exciting. Since I love Le Germain Hotel Calgary, I was sure to love Le Germain Hotel Montreal. The challenge was unique and I knew I had to make it happen!’’”

Luckily for Hoogveld, she always works in grids anyway and the building’s façade is one giant grid. The artist also works in gradients, and the building’s broad side gave her the opportunity to blend each other flawlessly into the next, creating a flowing, dazzling, invigorating design. 

2021 Mural Arts Program

The mural is just the newest unveiling for Montreal’s attempt at revitalizing the city. The mural’s addition comes on the heels of a renovation for the hotel itself, allowing them to participate in the city’s artistic future. The idea was to bring inspiration, beauty, and art to everyone; visitors, guests to the hotels, and locals too.

Yahoo! adds, “‘It’s important for us to participate in the cultural and commercial revival of the downtown area. By using the hotel’s facade as an artistic showcase, we hope to restore the value of the downtown area and encourage people to visit and keep coming back,’ explains Christiane Germain, co-president of Germain Hotels.”

It’s a lovely new touch, accomplishing both the revitalizing program’s goals and the hotel’s goals of becoming a beacon of culture and inspiration. 

Le Germain’s Renovations

Le Germain Montreal

And the mural is just the crowning touch on Le Germain in its newest form. Opened in 1999, Le German Montreal reopened in 2020 following a massive, year-long renovation that cost over $30 million. The Hotel website explains, “From the hotel rooms to the lobby, restaurant and meeting spaces, Le Germain Hotel Montreal has been reimagined from top to bottom. In addition, six new floors were added to the top of the building, increasing the number of rooms from 101 to 136.

Opened in 1999, the hotel on Mansfield Street used to be the former headquarters of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, constructed during one of the metropolis’ most iconic years: 1967. It is this landmark birth year, a year of excitement and optimism in Montreal, that inspired the architectural firm LEMAYMICHAUD in its transformation of the premises. Featuring curved lines and molded plastic juxtaposed with softer accents of wood, the hotel invites guests to discover a design that is brilliantly inspired by the sixties, yet with a decidedly modern flair.”

New suites follow the theme, and they’ve added an 18th-floor, fully equipped apartment suite. In order to accommodate guests working on the go, they’ve added three new lounge spaces, including an informal meeting space with a Samsung Flip digital board, making it the perfect place to inform coworkers on the road. 

The Le Germain team wants to invite both locals and visitors to see the mural and the hotel’s beautiful new insides. Montreal benefits from both the mural’s placements and the hotel’s updated interior, making it an artful stop for those traveling far and near. 

To book your stay at Le Germain Montreal, where you’re “Just steps away from boutiques, museums, businesses and restaurants and a pleasant stroll from the sensational festivals and events of Quartier des Spectacles,” visit the hotel’s website and get away to an oasis of tranquility amidst the city’s vibrant bustle.